A New (but Similar) Endeavor

Dear Readers,

The good thing is, I am now done with school. I am officially a librarian!

With classes no longer taking up my time, I am now taking on new creative endeavors. I loved doing this WordPress blog, but apparently, podcasts and vlogs are the places to be now, and I’m joining the pack!

This blog is now a podcast called The Forgotten Library. [Although I’m still kind of writing, as I do a script for the episode and I’m uploading them as transcripts for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, or if you don’t have the time to listen – but trust me, I’m much funnier on audio].

If you’d like to follow me there, I am available on the following platforms:

  • Anchor
    Apple Podcasts
    Google Podcasts
    Pocket Casts
    Radio Public
  • Happy listening! Please subscribe and comment. Suggestions for books are always welcome!

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    Audio Version Trial Test

    Hi, readers,

    It’s your favorite neighborhood curmudgeon with an experimental post!

    As part of my Preparing Instructional Media course this semester, I had to do a podcast assignment. Of course, I immediately thought of a way I might be able to make this blog more accessible, especially those posts that involve skewering comics. If you’re visually impaired, your screen reading software is not going to be able to read those images’ text to you. Therefore, my podcast turned one of the early comic posts (“My Soul Wasn’t My Own“) into something benefiting the radio audience, as it were.

    Please check it out on the Soundcloud player below:

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    Comic-al Sexism (All Love, Volume 26)


    When last we visited the year 1949 in our comic book time machine, we found a creepy incestuous relationship in All Romances. No matter what these are titled, they all have many of the same elements, as we can see from this one volume of All Love, which was another series published by Ace Comics in the same time period.

    So much packed into approximately 37 pages! Such as:

    Clueless gents who have no idea how to communicate, and the broads who don’t bother to question them . . .

    Fickle bitches who have no sympathy for social anxiety and go out with other dudes for revenge, and the doormat boys who forgive them when they smile sweetly . . .

    Even the magazine’s own advice column contradicts itself. In its monthly installment of “Chats on Charm,” they state that not having anything to say in social situations is just fine. But apparently, it can make you a bad date:

    all love 26-5

    Is it any wonder that, in 2017, people are still confused how to behave?

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    The Sore Neglect of This Blog

    I have realized that I have not returned since the Magic Bullets review, which was almost two years ago now! I have a VERY good reason, however.

    Not long after I wrote that last entry, I received my acceptance to the Master’s program at my local university, where I am currently pursuing a degree in Library and Information Science. I’m about halfway there now. Needless to say, it keeps me rather busy – in addition to the regular full-time job as well as volunteering at my local branch, to keep my hand in, as they say. I also have social gatherings I squeeze in here and there.

    But I have missed you, my mostly-silent readers of my snarky exposés of horrible smut marketed as literature, dusty sexual education tomes, and misogynistic comics!! I even read some Baby-Sitters Club books without you. Selfish, I know.

    “This is just to say”

    I will return soon.

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    The House at Review Corner: Magic Bullets – Or, How to Become a Skeezy Pick-up Artist without actually using the term

    As many of my stories tend to begin, I was browsing the internet one night . . . and came across an online set of discussion boards called The Attraction Forums. The top post on there was from a guy opining his issues with women, but it took me a minute to figure this out, as he was using all of these odd word choices, such as “opening,” “closing,” “transitioning.” It sounded like a corporate merger rather than an attempt to get off with a chick. As I continued to scroll, I encountered a lot more of this type of coded language, as well as acronyms I certainly had never seen before.

    Enter the world of men’s self-help.

    Of course, they will never, EVER call it that, because then it brings it to a woman’s level, and we can’t have that. No, call it a “system,” call it a “model,” but don’t EVER call it self-help. And be sure to include all of this ridiculous acronyms and code-words, so all the dudebros can feel like they’re in this secret frat.

    There are so many of these – Love Systems, Mystery Method, Bad Boy Something-or-Other, The Game – but they all have one thing in common: they promise that, if you use their system, and retrain your brain to think in their ways, you will be swimming in tail. Even if you’re not all that hot! (I’ve looked at some of these “gurus” and “masters” online. Some of them are not that hot, but supposedly, they can get any lady they want).

    My curiosity was piqued, so I managed to track down a copy of the book. What are guys telling guys about how to pick up women? They claim that they can’t ask women, because, damn it to hell, we don’t know WHAT we want!! Because of course, we’re all the same, and have teensy brains that get exhausted easily.

    I honestly was surprised to find a section on “relationships” in this book. Of course, that could also be taken to mean “friends with benefits,” but in the main, this book has one endgame: sex. As a matter of fact, they encourage men to bone the ladies BEFORE pursuing any type of relationship with them.
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    200th entry – A Look Back

    Dear readers,

    In the fall of 2007, I embarked on a side project that, to the surprise of everyone (most of all, me) has continued to this day. This blog has endured through two serious relationships and lots of bad health days. I even have survived past Television Without Pity, which I used as my model and internet idol (I used to wile away many an hour reading their recaps of television shows), as they closed up shop in 2014. My readers are mostly silent, but I always get visitors; however, in the end, it’s all about me. The minute this stops being fun, an amusing hobby, I will turn off the lights and go.

    It’s still fun, so onward and upward!

    For the 200th entry, I thought we’d celebrate by looking back at some of BWP’s “greatest hits,” which would be a good retrospective if you are a regular reader, and a good primer if you’re new here. Something for everyone!

    The Books Without Pity origin story is all thanks to a “hygiene” book by one of the first female doctors in the United States, Mary Wood-Allen. A pioneer of the temperance movement, Dr. Wood-Allen also believed that children should be taught about sexuality, but of course, under extremely veiled euphemisms. Enter “What a Young Girl Ought to Know.” This strange artifact is in the form of twelve Twilight Talks, which a fictional young girl has with her mother, about “the birds and the bees,” sometimes quite literally!

    Our next selection – Excessive Venery, Masturbation, and Continence – was a tremendous undertaking. Written by one Dr. William Howe and supposed to be used as a medical textbook, I was inundated with lots of unfamiliar terms. I think I did a pretty good job, and the majority of these entries are still popular today, if my search terms are any indication. (I just hope that people are not taking these entries seriously)!

    Sorely needing a break after all the reading about Faradic currents, strychnine, and lots of cases of priapism, I decided to shift my focus a bit. I set my sights on something quite popular which I was finagled into reading and absolutely despised. My target? Twilight. I did New Moon next. Eclipse was a snore-fest and bored me to tears, so much so that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to skewer it. I did finally do Breaking Dawn, this year, in fact, and I think the break of several years honed my game a little better.

    One of my absolute favorites is up next. Phil Phillips is probably not a name you’ve heard, unless you grew up in a certain type of religious household in the 1980s. I had never heard of him, until the Southern Fried Ex told me about this book that his mother read when he was a child, basically ruining any and all popular culture motifs that were de rigueur for any one growing up in the “Me Decade.” And he was not alone. Turmoil in the Toybox was apparently responsible for ruining many a childhood, for all of the cartoons the rest of us loved and cherished are actually Satanic and evil, and no good Christian parents should let their children watch He-Man. Or Care Bears. Or Rainbow Brite. I ended up losing my notes after writing up half of the book; I would later check the book out and finish the rest. Phil Phillips would make a separate appearance in a different book, entitled Halloween and Satanism.

    My second favorite set of posts is from the Life Cycle Library, a set of family life type books from the 1960s. A set of four books, the one I snark here is for teenagers going through puberty, and dating and relationships. It’s like a Prelinger Archive film, but in text form!

    The rest of this crazy ride includes the horrible trilogy that should not exist: Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, and Fifty Shades Freed. Apparently, I am a masochist. There are also some Golden Age comics, Life magazine articles and adverts, and even some V.C. Andrews up in here!

    I hope that this has been a worthwhile look into the last eight years of snarkdom. See you really soon!



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    The House at Review Corner – Make Every Man Want You

    Go to any bookstore (do people still do that?) and you will see hundreds of them – books that fall under the category of “self-help.” Sometimes you will find people standing in these aisles, paperbacks up to their faces, eagerly devouring whatever nuggets they can.

    I am not one of these people. I don’t “do” self-help as a general rule, as the very words just make me think of Dr. Phil and his Southern-fried philosophy on “communication.”

    Do you point at me, sir? How dare you!!

    People change, however.

    I don’t delve too much into my personal life on this blog, except where it intersects with my current snark-fest. If you’ve been a reader of BWP for a while, I used to occasionally drop references to “the boyfriend” and then, later, “husband-to-be.” Well, it didn’t work out – and by this, I mean it exploded in my face in a spectacular fashion last year. Suffice to say, I was utterly blindsided and crushed. The verbal bomb was dropped on a Sunday morning (see ‘spectacular fashion’) and I had maybe three humiliating hours in which to take my things and vacate the premises.

    Breakups happen; they’ve happened to me. This one has hurt way more than anything else. A good friend recommended a self-help book that she found useful after she had her own relationship crash and burn. I gave it the mental side-eye for a second, but then, I thought, Let this be a new era of Nicole, and give it a try.

    Imagine my surprise when I actually found it helpful! I moved on to another one, and that one was also useful in its way.

    Of course, there have been horrible ones. Let’s face it: everyone and their cat is some sort of guru or expert these days, and most of it is the same rehashed BS we’ve all heard before. And, getting back to the snark, THOSE are the ones on which we will be focusing for this new occasional segment I’d like to call, The House at Review Corner.

    Let’s begin with one I finished last night, entitled Make Every Man Want You: how to be so irresistible you’ll barely keep from dating yourself!

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