The Sore Neglect of This Blog

I have realized that I have not returned since the Magic Bullets review, which was almost two years ago now! I have a VERY good reason, however.

Not long after I wrote that last entry, I received my acceptance to the Master’s program at my local university, where I am currently pursuing a degree in Library and Information Science. I’m about halfway there now. Needless to say, it keeps me rather busy – in addition to the regular full-time job as well as volunteering at my local branch, to keep my hand in, as they say. I also have social gatherings I squeeze in here and there.

But I have missed you, my mostly-silent readers of my snarky exposés of horrible smut marketed as literature, dusty sexual education tomes, and misogynistic comics!! I even read some Baby-Sitters Club books without you. Selfish, I know.

“This is just to say”

I will return soon.

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