Kristy’s Big Day, Or, Who’s Really Getting Married Here? (Baby Sitters Club, #6)

We open with Karen, Kristy’s soon-to-be-stepsister, waxing poetic about old Ben Brewer, a family ghost that apparently lives in the attic. Kristy is concerned that Andrew, soon-to-be-little-stepbrother, is getting frightened by all this ghost talk. Yes, I mean, Ben Brewer eats fried dandelions, I’d say that’s pretty scary.

Kristy exposits that her mother is getting married to Watson, the kids’ father, and they will be moving to his mansion on the other side of town. This will be a good thing for everyone – everyone but Kristy, that is. I know, she’s a kid, she’s never lived anywhere else, all of her friends live close by, blah blah. With her flair for the dramatic, however, you’d think she was moving to Mars. Stoneybrook can’t be terribly big. Also, Watson can be a jerk.


I don’t remember seeing any evidence of that – he’s paid you for watching his kids even though you’re nearly family; he seems to treat you and your brothers well enough. Oh, I get it, you’re just pissed that he’s taking your mom away. To live in a friggin’ mansion.

Anyway, the step kids and Watson have come over for dinner of “pasketti,” as Andrew says, who is perturbed that worms are on the menu. Kristy sets him straight. Kristy wants to eat outside, her mom makes a joke, and Kristy acknowledges that her mom has been in a “great mood” since the engagement. So maybe you should stop drinking the Hatorade? Kristy goes around the table and gives a long detailed explanation about how the family comes together. She wonders if the two youngest will be fighting over toys and things.

Karen pipes up and basically repeats what Kristy has just thought. Charlie asks for wine, but they tell him no. Wah-wah.

Mrs. Thomas announces the wedding date to the table. Andrew needs to have a wedding explained to him. Kristy finds out that she’s going to be a bridesmaid. She’s excited to wear a dress and flowers, and I must ask where the girl is coming from. This is tomboy Kristy, right? Sweatshirts and jeans and sneakers? And now she loves dresses?

And then, everything gets shot to hell. Mrs. Thomas’ job wants to send her to Europe . . . at the time the wedding is supposed to take place. And that would be fine, just do it after . . . except that there is a buyer for the Thomas house who is very eager and wants to move in right away. So, now they have two-and-a-half weeks to plan an entire wedding! Because heaven forbid they just move into a suite of rooms at Watson’s house for a space whilst they plan – I’m sure that was simply not done in the 1980s in Connecticut! Obviously, Kristy’s mom is freaking out because she has to plan a wedding and a move. Kristy is also freaking out – but because she wanted one last summer in her old house. Jeez, girl, you make it sound like you’re dying. Not everyone lives next door to their friends, y’ know.

All the wedding planner and list-maker duties make Kristy late for the BSC meeting. Not cool, you guys, cause she is the president, you know. She stares at everyone for the memories, like she has a fatal disease or something, and, of course, this is the perfect way to reintroduce the rest of the club members. That settled, they discuss the wedding in between phone calls. Kristy is still very excited by her long dress with ribbons and fancy dyed high-heeled shoes. Buh? I don’t buy it. And then they discuss the Final Fling, which is the last dance of the school year, and by meeting’s end, Kristy is also excited by that, as well. Who is this person, and what have you done with Kristy Thomas, tomboy extraordinaire?

Kristy arrives home to find her mother anxious over something else. People are coming to town, they’ve offered to help put the wedding together, but they all have kids. Fourteen, in total. Kristy gets another Great Idea and offers the club to look after all the kids. Mrs. T offers them two hundred dollars each to watch the kids for the week. Kristy has a nice moment with her two older bros about the move, and stepfathers, and all that kind of stuff. I imagine it would be confusing and a big period of adjustment.

At the next meeting, the girls are very enthusiastic about watching all the kids, especially because it’s so much money! Except, it works out to about $5 an hour, so not really, although perhaps that was the going rate in the late 80s? They divide the kids by age group, and make matching nametags, and they’re all so organized at thirteen that I could just barf.

Everyone begins to arrive, and then the festivities begin. Dawn takes her group to the park, where Karen scares all of the children with stories of Martians coming to get them! Stacy takes her group to see Mary Poppins, but they are so obnoxious they’re asked to leave the theater! Kristy has no idea what to get for a wedding present! One of the little brats switches the clothes before the rehearsal dinner, making the girls scramble to put it all right!

In the end, of course, everything goes well, the Thomases become Brewers, and Kristy has Claudia help her make a gift – a hand-drawn family tree. It’s over, hurrah!

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