Tarnished Engagement, or Let’s have some more doormats (All Romance, Volume 1) with Bonus Advert!

Meet Nina and Dick. They’re in college and Dick’s in a band. Dick likes ugly suits.

AR pg 25

They end up working at the same hotel for the summer, Dick with his band and Nina as a waitress. Waitressing leaves Nina ragged and very little time for her man, as they work different hours.

After a time, Nina is resolved to see him at night, even if she has to stay up late. She catches him with one of the rich guests, and he’s upset to be caught. Unintentional pun coming up in three . . . two . . . one . . . (Hint: see yellow box).

AR pg 26

Marcia sneers at the fact that Nina is a waitress, blah blah, class wars. Dick claims he’s just being nice because Marcia offered to get his band more gigs, and then he can make more money! Honest!

Marcia begins to berate Nina the very next day, and Nina, surprisingly, tells her off. Wow!

AR pg 27

Marcia has asymmetrical boobage going on here.

Dick gets mad. See Dick fume. Spout, Dick, spout. Nina says they’re done. Say goodbye, Dick!

And then, here comes her man – Marcia’s, that is!

Nina, since she’s such a good doormat person, she goes to warn Dick that Mr. Loring is on his way. Personally, I would have let him had his balls handed to him, but that’s me.

Everyone lies, the Lorings leave, and Dick tells Nina he’s been a fool. And of course, she forgives him, because this is All Romance, not All Breakups.

AR pg 28

Yes, Dick, it doesn’t matter that you fell for a wealthy young socialite bitch because she offered you some money. I know it’s me you REALLY love!!

See below for a bonus advert:

AR pg 29

(Clicking the link will enlarge the image). I do believe this is one of those “personal massagers” disguised as a weight loss implement. Think Peggy from Mad Men pitching the “Electrosizer/Rejuvenator” to the guys in an earlier season.

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