Mary Anne Saves the Day (and then hides under the bed), Part Three

Mary Anne tries to finagle later curfews, but no dice. This makes her ponder responsibility. Was she being irresponsible because she didn’t call her father to tell him she would be five minutes late? And what about the club? Mary Anne decides that she is going to be the one to fix things – that will be responsible. And take lots of courage. Methinks a visit to the Wizard is in for her.

Mary Anne ponders writing a note to Kristy. In the meantime, Dawn calls and Mary Anne invites her over. They go through Mary Anne’s dad’s high school yearbook to see old pics, and discover that Dawn’s mom and Mary Anne’s dad dated in high school. When they look through Mrs. Schafer’s yearbook later, they also find a dried rose pressed between the pages. Awww. As twelve-year-old girls are wont to do, they tear this subject to bits – what did they mean by “just one more summer?” And why “love is blind?” All of this distracts Mary Anne from The Plot to Put the Band BSC Back Together.

And then, Mary Anne sits for Mr. and Mrs. P. Jenny acts weird and Mary Anne wonders what’s up. The kid feels hot-blooded, so Mary Anne checks it to see. A fever of one-hundred-and . . . four! Mary Anne tries the P’s phones (which obviously is a modern edit – none of these people would have had a cell in the 80s). Mary Anne can’t reach anyone, so she calls Dawn. Dawn comes over and suggests calling 911, and they send an ambulance. The girls make phone calls, and bundle Jenny up, and they all ride together to the hospital. The doctor diagnoses strep throat.

Jenny’s parents come and Mr. P drives Mary Anne and Dawn home, and even pays Dawn, complimenting them both on their level-headedness. Mary Anne invites Dawn over and they look through old photos, right in view of Kristy (whose bedroom can see into Mary Anne’s, if you remember). Dawn catches on to the game and is understandably upset. She leaves, and Mary Anne cries into her pillow.

Mrs. P calls the house and Mary Anne’s dad hears about the whole day, and how mature and responsible she was during the ordeal. Mary Anne’s dad finally relents to letting her stay out later. She also gets to wear her hair down, and take Humpty Dumpty off the wall.

She also writes a letter of apology to Kristy and one to Dawn, as well. I hope she also apologized for saying the ultra-dumb, “Have a nice trip” as Dawn descended the stairs.

Dawn does forgive her, though. Mary Anne is forced to put the other note in Kristy’s locker. She gets no response.

It’s the day of Jamie’s party. It’s awkward. They all practically shove each other for a chance to check on the baby. Kristy stomps on Mary Anne’s foot, which is very mature and adult of her, don’t you think? Mary Anne, instead of being the bigger person, overfills Kristy’s crunk cup so the punch gets all over her lap. Claudia picks some up in a napkin and throws it in Stacey’s face. Stacey returns the favor, and Jamie cries. Mrs. Newton is astonished. I would be, too. Mary Anne herds the girls into the kitchen, says she’s calling a meeting directly after the party, and then helps cut the cake. So THERE.

Mary Anne takes the reins and basically says they all need to cut the shit. They need to be friends again, or close out the BSC. And of course, no one wants to do THAT. They can’t even remember why they’re mad at each other, which sounds ridiculous from an adult POV, but for kids and “tweens,” is spot-on – even now, I’d wager. They apologize in unison. And Kristy notes the changes wrought in Mary Anne. They’ll all pals again, yay.

Later, Dawn calls Mary Anne – their parents went to prom together. And Dawn told her mom that Mr. Spier still lives in Stoneybrook. Mary Anne asks her dad about it, and they split because of college, and Mr. S was not as well-off as his woman. She fills Dawn in and discovers that Dawn babysat a lot before her move. Mary Anne holds a Getting to Know You party for Dawn at her house. Mr. Spier and Mrs. Schafer see each other again, and make dinner plans – which makes the girls positively giddy.

Dawn meets the other girls. They hit it off, and that’s how Dawn becomes the 5th member of the BSC. She’s so cool, you guys – she’s from California, which is better than NYC. So take THAT, Stacey! You’ve still got your diabeetus to make you special.


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