The “Truth” About Stacey, Part Two

Chapter 6. War begins, I guess? The BSC discover that the other agency is actively recruiting soldiers – I mean, sitters at school. A triple-emergency meeting is held at Kristy’s house, where it’s decided that they need to “recruit” some older members for the club.

Chapter 7. Stacey is mad. The new club is hurting her and her friends – how dare those bee-otches! But she’s also mad at parents. They promised to take her to New York at Thanksgiving, then they didn’t – at first, it was because her mom thought it would be nice to stay home… but in truth, it’s because they’re taking Stacey for those tests – and now, it’s for five days, instead of three!

I have to say, I do feel for Stacey a bit here. This doctor they want her to see is holistic and blah, blah – the kid is diabetic, so more than likely she just needs insulin. Get over it. It’s not the end of the world. Anyway, she finds the whole situation grossly unfair, but her parents basically “Nyah Nyah we’re the parents, that’s why” her.

Stacey babysits for Charlotte, and talks to the child’s mother, who is a doctor. Dr. Johansen tells Stacey that this Dr. Barnes is pretty much an expensive quack. She promises to find a way to help.

Chapter 8. Kristy meets them before school with wearable sandwich boards. Tres embarrassing! Stacey gets some kids asking her about the BSC, but one is lazy, and the other two feel it’s too much work. Kristy apparently has good news, but won’t say at school.

Oh, no, here comes Stacey’s crush, Pete! He helps her take the board off, then asks her to the dance. Aw, it’s a dude magnet! Perhaps I should try that – just kidding.

Kristy has found two defectors from the agency that she’s adding to the club. Mary Anne makes a good point that they don’t really know anything about these girls, or what kind of sitters they are, and she already told them they could join. By the way, the phone hasn’t rung.

Chapter 9. The girls wrap up the presents they bought for Jamie Hi-hi and his new sister. They discover that Mary Anne is learning how to knit from Claudia’s grandmother, Mimi. The girls go to see the baby, and ooh and ah over her. Kristy brings up the elephant in the room and asks if they will be able to sit for the Newtons again. Mrs. Newton says she would prefer an older sitter for a newborn. And if it’s just Jamie, she claims she’ll still call the BSC.

The new girls seem like twits when we meet them at the meeting; they crack gum noisily, the hallmark of an obnoxious teen. But they can stay out late, so that impresses the girls.

Chapter 10. At the next meeting, they have so many calls that they don’t realize right away the new girls haven’t arrived. Then one of the new clients calls to say that one no one showed up on Saturday night. And the same with the other one. Kristy actually cries, because her world is crumbling, you guys! (I kid; it is pretty shitty). She decides against calling them for a face-to-face showdown.

The confrontation is stupid, like all middle-school drama. The new girls are dumb, but the retorts from the BSC are not so stellar, either. And it makes Kristy cry, again. But the others rally around her, and they decide to forge ahead by just being themselves.


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