The BabySitters Club – Kristy’s Piss-Poor Idea, Part Three

Chapter 11. The girls count up their money and decide they should have a pizza party to celebrate the club. Stacey starts making weird excuses about not being there, because maybe she’d be in New York, or visiting friends, or visiting friends in New York.

Then she abruptly leaves.

Watson is in Kristy’s living room, which irks her. Her mom tells her that they are having leftover tonight, and would she please go put on a dress? They eat leftover Spaghetti-os, and how do you have leftovers of those? They come in a soup can, right? How many cans would you have to make to have leftovers? Ew, anyway. The thrust of all this fanciness is that Watson has asked Mrs. Thomas if she would like to get engaged, and she is thinking about it. Kristy starts asking all sorts of practical questions, but they don’t know anything about that right now, and Kristy is glad that they don’t, because maybe then her mom will see the light and not get married and let their family return to “normal.” Because it was so normal before.

Chapter 12. The plans for the pizza party continue apace, except now they have nine dollars instead of twelve, because of Stacey backing out. And how, pray tell, are you going to be able to buy pizzas and all the other crap you want for just nine dollars? In 2014 money, even if you went to a second-rate chain pizza place that offers pizza on request for five dollars a pizza, you can only get one, and maybe two bottles of soda from the dollar store. Hardly a party.

Anyway, then everything starts falling apart. MaryAnne’s father won’t let her spend three dollars on a pizza party, because she should be saving her money for college. Yes, because three dollars is going to matter so much in the grand scheme of things. Ooh, I almost had all the money for a semester at the University of Stamford, but I am short . . . THREE DOLLARS. Oh, why did I consent to buying a third of a pizza back in seventh grade when I was twelve!

Claudia should be spending more time on her studies, because she hasn’t done any homework at all since school started. No parties for you! Claudia opines that no one should need to learn how to multiply fractions, because who actually uses that??

Stacey, however, is the weirdest one yet, sayeth Kristy. Kristy calls Stacey, but Mrs. McGill is a bad liar, and doesn’t do a good job of covering up for Stacey. She says Stacey isn’t home, but then MaryAnne sees her in the car with her parents, so THERE.

The best line of all of this, though, is Kristy’s mom, after all of these phone calls: “You know, you can go OVER to Mary Anne and Claudia’s. It’s not as if they live in Europe.” Seriously.

The phone rings again, and it’s Watson. Someone needs to watch his kids immediately, so Kristy is up at bat. Oh-hoh, no!!

Chapter 13. Watson’s ex-wife broke her ankle, and her fiancé is not at home, so Watson volunteered his services, leaving the kids without a sitter. Enter Kristy. She claims that in the house the only thing she saw was Boo-Boo, but she describes the living room and the chandelier in detail; unreliable narrator says what?

The kids have lunch, and actually have a real conversation about divorce, and step-parents, and Andrew begins to cry because it’s upsetting to him, and I actually like Kristy at this time. She gives them ice-cream, because “divorced kids are special kids.” They go outside and they play, and Kristy thinks the kids are alright. Karen tells her that she would be okay with having Kristy for a step-sister. Awww.

Chapter 14. Mary Anne stands up to her dad, and he agrees that if she puts half of her earnings in the bank, the other half can be spent however she wants. Hookers and blow for everyone! Claudia talks to HER parents, and they agreed to help her after dinner with her homework, so she can do better in school.

Kristy baits Stacey, because Kristy is a bitch. Stacey gets heated and calls her a baby. Claudia defends Stacey and tells Kristy she still dresses like a little kid. But Claudia has sheep barrettes in her hair. Sheep are IN, don’t you know that? It escalates from there. You’re a liar, liar-face. Someone needs a sitter, and all of them are free. Kristy takes it, because it’s HER club, damn it! And then Kristy and Mary Anne leave, because they know when they’re not wanted.

To add further insult to Kristy’s injury, her mom agrees to marry Watson. Her only consolation is that the wedding won’t be for a while. Nope, it’s tomorrow, Kristy, why aren’t you ready?

Chapter 15. The Thomases go to Watson’s house for dinner. He makes fondue, and they have a cute rule that if the bread falls into the cheese, you have to kiss the person on your right. So Kristy has to kiss Watson, and she does it so quick and embarrassing-like, and then feels guilty, so she writes a note wherein she offers to watch his kids anytime, and that it’s okay with her if her mom gets married to him. She’s big on notes, this one.

The girls go to Claudia’s and face off again, but they make it up, and Kristy has a GREAT IDEA for a party – a sleepover at her house!

At the sleepover, Stacey finally admits that she has a secret. She has a disease, one where she sometimes has to stay overnight in the hospital. Kristy thinks it’s anorexia, but no, it’s . . .

No one is really taken aback or shocked by this. But, apparently, Stacey’s older friends in New York were not cool with it, and that’s part of the reason they moved to Stoneybrook. She does not elaborate on the other reason, which I think is in The Truth about Stacey. Anyway, they’re all cools again, and tell scary babysitting stories in the dark.


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