Becklard’s Physiology, or the Quaint Backwardness of 1850s Medicine, Part Thirteen

Chapter 15. More tips and tricks and “true facts.” Some women have a double uterus, and therefore, can have two different fetuses born months apart.

The dominant party at the time of intercourse determines the sex of the child.

People should go around naked; it would be a help in morals, because then, people would be used to seeing other people’s bits and bobs (and be so disturbed they’d never want to have sex EVER AGAIN).

Older parents end up with delicate, ill-formed children.

Being chaste now ensures virility later.

Man makes his own misery.
Chapter 16. Final words. Keep clean. Don’t overindulge (in food, drink, OR sex). Be early to bed and early to rise. Keep the body open. Get regular exercise, and always pay attention.

But not too much to yourself, as then you’ll have to masturbate, and THEN where will you be??


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