Becklard’s Physiology, or the Quaint Backwardness of 1850s Medicine, Part Eleven

Chapter 13. Having no knowledge of genetics, Becklard describes how various men of science and medicine believe the resemblance of children to their parents occurs. His notion is that the divide is fifty-fifty, physically. As for their “mental organs,” he was under the impression that this was influenced by the state of mind at the time of intercourse. Like begets like, except genius, as those great men allow their minds to wander, even during coitus; this is why most of their children are idiots, or otherwise deficient.

He believed that a black parent with a white one always produced a blended-colored child. Becklard advises that this chapter is very important, and will probably produce some trouble – ya think? I’m sure many more women were accused of infidelity than should have been.

In sum, keep your eye on the prize, for the sake of the child, and take a good look once they’re born to be sure that they’re yours!


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