Beckard’s Physiology, or the Quaint Backwardness of 1850s Medicine – Part Nine

Chapter 11. More tips and tricks. Labor pains are easier in those women who continue to live with their husbands during their confinement. Wait, so there was an option back then? Lucky women!!

Infants who aren’t laughing or smiling by their second month are probably sick.

“Green sickness,” as denoted by the pallor of the skin, is usually caused by menstrual complaints, but mainly is due to the inability to obtain the object of one’s desires. Unsparing use of a bidet, low diet, and, of course, marriage, are the cures.

More suggestions for impotency – ginseng, blistering the skin, flagellating the loins with nettles (OUCH), and electricity. However, Dr. Becklard still says Lucina Cordial beats them all.


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