Calling All Girls – Scullery maids need not apply

I’m back with another issue of Calling All Girls from January 1947; getting closer to the 1950s, readers.

In an earlier issue, apparently there was an article about girls playing football, which appalled some readers, as evidenced by this letter to the editor:
Calling All Girls V7 #57 (1947) - Page 4

What’s more appalling to ME, however, is the makeover article in this issue. I’m including both entire pages, because it’s just so BAD.
Calling All Girls V7 #57 (1947) - Page 12

Firstly, I know that what’s considered “heavy” or “overweight” has changed over time, but I would KILL to be 145 pounds these days. Hooray, fat-shaming. Next, the way they describe her clothing and hair is disgusting and elitist. Her “more-than-substantial legs?” She’s SHORT.

And here’s the “after” pictures:
Calling All Girls V7 #57 (1947) - Page 13

She does look nice, but seriously, it’s kind of ridiculous. I know they do the same thing in magazines for women today, but . . . now we see the origins.


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