Calling All Girls – What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Calling All Girls, Volume 40, issued in 1945, has a thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Taylor on the cover, embracing a kitten. How cute! Before all of her marriages and White Diamonds and so forth. Anyway.


Chubbette clothing is still holding strong in this issue, as you can see by the following:



In what universe is this girl chubby?? Ugh. She looks like any regular teen going through puberty. I think this is the most insulting thing I have seen thus far.

The rest of this issue was fairly non-descript, except for this strange advert:


I have several things to say about this.

1. The girl’s disembodied head is freaky.

2. Mule? Like, drug mule? What does a mule have to do with pins?

3. Those are not dolphins.

I rather feel like I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here, when I only find two things in an issue, but I shall forge ahead!


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