Calling All Girls – Hello, Hello, How Can I Reach You?

Dear Readers,

I very nearly lost hope with this one. Volume 37, from 1945, was exceedingly patriotic and can-do, and I nearly despaired of finding anything at which to poke! And then, comes this lovely advertisement, styled as a comic, of which this is the final panel:


It’s obvious that this ginger is also an alien, as NO ONE ON EARTH would ever say that Grape-Nuts were the “best-tasting cereal.” Grape-Nuts are disgusting. I believe that the only reason they are still on the market is the fact that people can dupe themselves into believing that they are “good” for them, and so choke down nasty pellets masquerading as cereal. I’ve tried them warm, like oatmeal. I’ve tried them cold, like any other cereal. THEY ARE NASTY.

Sorry about that. Just had to get that off my chest. Moving on . . .

The next thing of note is how to plan a sports party, so you can interest the boys in coming over and not being bored. Some suggestions were playing table polo with cranberries and toothpicks (?) and slipper races. When it comes to food, the editors caution:


So, no fondue, or even nacho cheese? Is this where that “real men don’t eat quiche” garbage started?

And, lastly, I found an advert that was so jaw-droppingly horrid I actually said, “Are you fucking kidding me?” to the computer, as if it would talk back.


The clothing line is actually called Chubbette?! There’s no way in HELL they could get away with that now. Size 10.5 was “plus size” back then, but the measurements today are much different. In the picture, I think the girl’s hairstyle is her most unfortunate feature, as it makes her look much heavier than she probably was.

That’s all for now. Back to the vault!


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One response to “Calling All Girls – Hello, Hello, How Can I Reach You?

  1. Chubbette? Today they’d call it “L’il Chubster”.

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