Calling All Girls – Is there anyone out there?

I’m back with another issue of Calling All Girls; this is Volume 31 from 1944.

Did you know that Tootsie Rolls give you energy? It’s true! Apparently, they even made a drink similar to Ovaltine . . .

It’s summer, junior housekeeper, and the temperature is rising. Let’s make something cool to eat, like . . . a molded salad! I still don’t understand the fascination with Jell-o salads. This one, quite frankly, sounds disgusting.
jello anyone
Tomato soup, lemon jello, cottage cheese? I like all of these things, but not together. This is a VomitComet waiting to happen.

An advertisement for paper that still manages to be sexist. Remember, good letter writers get boys!
yay sexism

The war is on, young ladies, and you still want to go out, without your best male escort. Whatever shall you do?
without comment

Finally, a portion of an advertisement for Lux laundry soap.
i sure hope so

Um, I sure hope so!!


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