Fifty Shades Dumber, Chapters Twenty-One & Twenty-Two

Chapter Twenty-One. She’s sure about this. She just doesn’t want photos taken. Surprisingly, he doesn’t say anything about her snooping, but I’m sure he’ll punish her for it later.

Anyway, so he does some “rude things” to her, and then they do it. And she wuvs him so, so, SO much. And they talk, and banter, and it’s presumed they have sex again. She makes him lunch and again with the stupid emails? Grey calls Ana’s dad to talk about marriage. Ray, along with pretty much everyone else, is wondering if it’s too soon. But he gives his blessing, reluctantly. Grey asks about the pictures. The box is supposed to be in his safe, and they’re insurance against “exposure.” But yeah, he’s not a creep, at all. Leila (Casperella) must have moved them. Grey will destroy them. Better watch him do it! Ana calls her mother, and again, like some of us, wonders if she’s “with child.” Ana’s mom also thinks it’s sudden. Grey doesn’t want her going out in a short dress, but she does anyway. Grey’s put more cash in her bank account. Yeah, ho. When she comes back from the store, they screw in his office chair. They go to Grey’s parents’ house for the party. Kate confronts them with an email from Ana to Grey about the contract. Lessee how you get out of THIS one.

Chapter Twenty-Two. Ana tells her to butt out. Grey wants to know if Kate’s told anyone; she hasn’t. He burns the offending paper in the fireplace. Um, but the email still exists, if not on her account, on the internet, somewhere . . . Ana and Grey tell her they’re engaged, but Kate wants to know where the email fits in. Ana reassures her, and she’s fine again. Wait, what? Um, NO. Kate comes in, guns blazing, with the email, and all it takes is a few words and she’s suddenly okay with all of this mess. Doubt.Ful. Grey is still mad, but stands down, for now.

Everyone is at the party, including Elena (Mrs. Robinson). Grey tries to sidestep her. And then he announces their engagement, and some people clap. Mia asks Ana for advice – turns out, Kate’s bro finds it creepy to date her whilst his sister is dating Elliott. Wow, there ARE some “normal” people in this book! Ana advises friendship for now, and asking Kate about her own brother.

Elena corners Ana in the kitchen. Ana won’t be able to make him happy, for he has needs, you see, needs you can’t possibly being to understand. Elena also sees her as a gold-digger, which makes Ana throw her drink in Elena’s face. Grey enters the room and argues with Elena. Elena taught him everything, made him what he is today. Grey says it’s all empty and she never loved him. “Love is for fools,” she replies. Grace (Grey’s mom) is the one who tells Elena to leave. And then smacks Elena’s face and calls her a whore.

Ana is asked to leave the room for a moment. She can just about hear Grace asking how old he was when it began. Ana escapes to Christian’s old bedroom and lays on his bed, ruminating again – am I what he needs? Are we right for each other? She stares at the photos of his mother and sees no similarity. Grey’s mom is really mad at him. But goodbye, Elena. Come along, Ana, you need to eat. Hold on, let’s go to the boathouse first, where I’ll do a proper proposal, with hearts, flowers, and an actual ring.

Then, abruptly, we switch POV to some guy smoking and drinking. Apparently, this guy had something to do with the helicopter fire. Oh, it’s Jack, Ana’s old creeper boss, trying to exact revenge. “His chance will come. His chance will come soon.” But not now, because this book is OVER. One more to go. I honestly don’t know if I can do a chapter-by-chapter on that one. I guess you’ll have to just tune in and find out!


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