Fifty Shades Dumber, Chapter Nineteen and Twenty

Chapter Nineteen. If this were a movie, this would be the montage portion. Grey has been missing eight hours, and Ana thinks back on all their times together. And then he suddenly reappears, totally uncomprehending why everyone is so worried, as it just took him forever to get back. Because his helicopter had a fire, so he had to make an emergency landing. And conveniently, had no radio or cell reception. And had to hitch a ride, no less.

Later, after everyone leaves, Ana stops crying long enough to give him a birthday present – a keychain of the Seattle skyline that, on the reverse, says, “yes.” Good luck! You’ll need it!

Chapter Twenty. So, Ana is going to marry Grey – after all the depravity, his paraphilias, crazy ex-subs, and general mercurialness, after only five weeks of knowing him, no less. They banter stupidly and then he carries her to the shower, where they get in fully clothed and start their carrying on. She “detonates” around him. Yay, and everyone dies, the end. No? Shit.

Ana tries to get him to see that everyone was worried because they wuv him. She wakes up, intent on making him breakfast in bed, but José is there, so Grey needs to mark his territory. But then the men talk fishing. Fishing is magic, apparently.

José leaves and Ana gives Grey his other presents – a solar-powered helicopter, and a box of implements to “do rude things” to her in the playroom. And he agrees, which makes her “inner goddess” happy. Don’t worry, kids, it’s almost over.


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  1. Matthew Green

    “She “detonates” around him”

    So she’s actually Eve Of Destruction? Look that one up. I’d love to see 50 Shades dovetail into that movie instead.

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