Fifty Shades Dumber, Chapter Three.

Chapter Three. Ana’s boss makes a creepy comment. Instead of doing work, she emails Grey, and the insipidity issues forth again. It’s mostly about who’s going to be begging, and seriously, shut up, both of you! She listens to more of the mix and can’t stop smiling. Then she gets bored and email Grey. Good idea to say you’re bored on a monitored email address. Grey basically tells her this, but not before saying something creepy. She deletes them all; um, there’s still a copy archived, fool.

Apparently, the drink invite was a group thing. Ana says she’ll meet them there; she just has to email her stalker first. She hides in the bathroom and taps out asinine mail on her phone. When she leaves the building, someone calls out to her. A young woman that looks a lot like her. Except that she’s ghostly and sad. Her clothes don’t fit correctly. She asks Ana, “What do you have that I don’t?” Casperella has a bandage on her wrist and answers, “nobody” to the question, “Who are you?” Are you Nobody, too, Ana? And then Casperella leaves. It takes Ana a minute to deduce that that girl must have something to do with Grey. Brilliant, Einstein, you’ve done it again!
Ana tries to make friends at the bar. She thinks about Kate and how Ethan, Kate’s brother, will be staying with them. Ana’s boss gets too close and chatty, and Grey rescues her again, making his claim known to the BossMan. They verbally spar for a second, and then it’s time to go. More begging banter, and they drive to Ana’s place. And then Grey threatens her boss if he makes a move on Ana. He has the power to do so, because he just bought the company. Ana is angry that he’s interfering with her career. He says that he won’t, and he’s right, this has nothing to do with your new career of “high-class plaything.”

Ana calls him an “arse.” That is NOT an American term. I use it, but I am special. He keeps repeating it in amusement. This breaks her down, and she invites him in. “I gaze at his beautiful face as he paces the room like a caged predator.” Ms. James, you’re even ADMITTING to your reading audience that he’s creepy.

They banter about sex and touching, and then he asks if she’s eaten. But that’s not what she’s hungry for. He won’t touch her unless she begs for it. But she still can’t touch him. Ana states that sometimes he doesn’t mind, and perhaps they should map the off-limit areas. But she hasn’t been taking her pills, so now they’re going to eat instead. But she has no food in the house. Christian Grey is going to go to the grocery like the rest of us peons? Perish the thought! He goes next door to buy wine. Ana’s inner goddess has emerged again, and the two personalities form some sort of plan together.

As he pours wine back at the apartment, she realizes how little she knows him. Grey says she knows him “better than anyone;” he’s very private. He offers to help with dinner, but he doesn’t know how to chop a vegetable. She shows him whilst “innocently” brushing up against him. If this is her plan to not eat, it works. He makes her put the uncooked food away, and takes her to the bedroom at her direction. And then they fuck, fuckingly. And he says the magic words, and she Instant Orgasms. Just like always.


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  1. “Christian Grey is going to go to the grocery like the rest of us peons?”

    I picture him like George H. W. Bush marveling at the check-out scanner.

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