Afterword – My Thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey

If you’ve been reading BWP at all, you know very well how I feel about this book. However, as an “afterword,” so to speak, I wanted to go a little more in-depth about why I dislike this book so much. Judging from the internet, I am not alone in this endeavor; however, at the workplace, I am the only person who read this book and hated it.

This book upsets me because Christian Grey is, quite frankly, an abusive predator, masquerading as a “sexy” dominant. Yes, Ana Steele is of consenting age, and she does agree to do particular things with him, but under coercion under more than one occasion. He stalks her, distracts her, and even with confused feelings (see how many times she needs to “think”) she still participates in things that, perhaps with a clearer head, she might say no to. Now, if this book’s genre were something other than “erotic fiction,” then our antagonist could very well be this way. However, women should not be getting off to this.

Point two – the BDSM angle. This was not a revelation to me, although apparently, it was for many people. I’ve been on the internet way too long and have learned many things, some of which I no longer wish to know. But anyway. On the one hand, it’s gotten people in a country that in recent years has had some very Puritan and conservative attitudes toward sex to talk about sex. On the other, some of the implements that Grey uses can be very dangerous if put into the wrong hands. Society has a very short attention span, so much so that reading directions and tips is actually daunting for many people. If you use a flogger incorrectly, for example, you can cause injury to your partner.

The author even admitted somewhere that her experience with the BDSM community was just through one guy she knew. A fine representative of a community that has many nuances and is on a continuum just like any other practice or belief. There’s a lot of generalizing going on, and yes, I know that it’s porn, but you can still do research. Shit, I do parody and I still link when possible!

In conclusion, I read it, I do not understand the appeal, and I wish it would go away. But now they’re making a movie. *sigh* It never ends.


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