Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 24

Chapter 24. Ana has a dream about cages and food, and it obviously is supposed to mean something, but if you’ve read this far, I’m sure you get it and don’t need to be beaten with it, right? Grey wakes her up, she thinks for sex, but it’s a surprise, so it’s what? Sex on the roof?

He wants her to eat but she takes a raincheck for later. She’ll probably get spanked later, too. He takes her for a drive; they’re listening to opera. He lets her choose music, and she picks, of all things, Britney Spears. That song wasn’t on his player by his choice; an ex put it on there. They finished because she wanted more, and he didn’t; he never has, until Ana. Aw, it’s Twoo Wuv! Can we go now?

Ana presses for more info about his past conquests. They’re going to “chase the dawn.” It’s “another first,” which she doesn’t get, because he said he’d done this before. He means with a woman, you imbecile! This girl does not get any smarter.

They go gliding. Grey gets to strap her in her harness like he did in the helicopter. He lets her steer for a little while. He’s “coming around” to wanting more from this relationship; this makes Ana happy. The book isn’t over yet, sweet cheeks.

Grey takes her to a romantic breakfast at IHOP. They banter sexually across the table. They order, then she asks if things have changed. He still wants a sub for his playroom and will punish her if she disregards his rules, but other than that, he’s willing to negotiate. He even agrees to her sleeping in his bed. But he won’t let her pay for the meal. With cash, anyway. I’m sure he accepts other forms of payment. He drops her back off at her mother’s.

Grey and Ana banter stupidly over email. He tells her that she talks in her sleep, but won’t tell her what she says. Ana’s mom and Ana go to the grocery store for supplies for dinner. Ana is offered an internship. Christian can’t make dinner; a “situation” has arisen, so he must go back to Seattle. He’s distant on the phone.

Later, Ana’s brain percolates and she wonders if his dinner with “Mrs. Robinson” changed things, and that’s why he’s all weird. She emails him, hoping he had a safe flight. Stupid banter about her talking in her sleep, and what he plans to do with her later. Gee, I wonder what she said . . . ? Like we can’t guess. Don’t worry, kids, it’s almost over.


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