Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 23

Chapter 23. Christian appears. He’s introduced to her mom, who is speechless at his hawtness. He’s there because she wished it. He tries to explain, she tries to explain; Ana’s mom can’t stop staring. Then she excuses herself and Christian tells Ana that he doesn’t want anyone else. Ana thinks “Mrs. Robinson” is a child molestor. But he’s shocked by this. Ana says what I said earlier, that it’d be seen differently between a 15-year-old girl and an older man. He insists it wasn’t like that, it was “what [he] needed” at the time.

Grey realizes that she’s jealous, but he does whatever he wants. Their relationship ended when her husband found out, but this is neither the time nor place to discuss this. Ana asks if he loved her, but Ana’s mom is back now, and Grey takes that as his cue to leave. When he does, Ana’s mom says, “You crazy kids should go talk it out. He obviously cares enough about you to just fly out unexpectedly and drop in all freaky-crazy. He loves you, and he’s totally not a control-freak at all!”

Ana goes to Grey’s room. Grey didn’t love “Mrs. Robinson.” In case you care. I don’t. He likes that she was mad at him. She wants to talk, but it’s obvious only boning is on his mind. Grey’s run a bath, and asks her if she’s on her period. He undresses her and feels her up. He wants her to continue touching herself, but she prefers him to do it. And then –

he takes her tampon out. What the fuck? NO. There are things one must do by oneself. This is one of them. And then they bump uglies against the sink. They take a bath to wash off the blood. Ana sees the scars on his chest again, and realizes they must be burns. Dumbass Ana asks about them; this makes him angry. She keeps going; he sits away from her in the bath.

Grey says that, were it not for “Mrs. Robinson,” he would be like his biological mom. She “distracted” him from things. “It’s very hard to grow up in a perfect family when you’re not perfect.” He’s telling this only because he wants to earn her trust. Ana wants to know him better, but everytime she asks something important, he distracts her with sex. He’s angry that she wants to know him; how dare she!

He talks about Ana with “Mrs. Robinson.” He gets advice from her. Grey tells her to stop or he’ll spank her. He’s obnoxiously angry, and oh, I hate the both of these characters so much. Grey turns the conversation on her; she never replied to his email. He wants to know how she really feels about their planned arrangement. They banter about her not being a good sub, and him not being a good teacher. His Dom side is a form of therapy. That’s what shrinks are for, dude.

And then he takes her in the bath. And she loves him. He controls because he cares. And you have daddy issues and he has mommy issues, so never mind, you’re perfect for each other. Is this book over yet?

Dumb banter in bed about notches in bedposts; he’s paid for kink sex; and she shocked him by wearing his underwear and then going without at his parents’ place. He likes that she says his name. He wants to do something for her, a surprise. They go to sleep. What fresh hell awaits?


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