Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series that everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 22

Chapter 22. Ana gets pampered in the first-class lounge. She emails Grey. They banter stupidly, and Ana tries to make Grey jealous by telling him a “very pleasant young man” gave her a massage. Ana is a dumb girl, and I hate her. All because he didn’t tell her he was doing this. Um, you’re well-aware by now that he stalks you, so why is this a revelation?

Grey tells her next time she’ll “be in the cargo hold, bound and gagged in a crate.” See, even if that’s his idea of a joke, it’s not funny. She emails from under her blanket. You’re not supposed to do that, you fool; he basically tells her that, and now both of his palms are twitching.

When they land, she types out an email to Grey, basically saying that his buying her all these things makes her feel whorish, and he over-reacts to her jokes, and he scares her. Was he joking about the crate? Either way, she wants to run away, because her feelings are scaring her. And she’s scared he’ll hurt her. And this is a big deal. And she needs this distance to sort out what she really wants from a relationship, and she can’t think clearly when she’s in close proximity to his peen.

And then she conveniently forgets what she really sent. She meets up with her mom; she cries. It’s hot in Savannah. She wonders about José, whose art show is the following week. Should she invite Grey? What does Grey think of her email? Oh, well, she’s going to the beach.

Ana’s mom asks her about Grey. She can tell Ana is in a “spin.” Ana tells her he’s “complicated” and “mercurial.” Ana’s mom says she should take Grey literally. Which means that he really DOES want you bound and gagged in a crate!

Grey emails her, not believing that she can be so honest only so far away. She told you that you intimidate her, remember? She needs to get used to him buying her things, and besides, don’t “regular” boyfriends do that? She’s not a whore, and it angers him that she thinks that way. The crate comment was a joke; I’m not so sure about that. The sub has all the power, because she can say no. She needs to communicate with and trust him. But yet, he doesn’t trust you enough to unburden himself completely. He will try to keep an open mind, and give her the space and time she needs to think (her brain is stuffed with more fluff than Winnie-the-Pooh).

Ana wuvs him! And wants to see him! Even though she wanted to get away! She misses him! She emails him. Stupid banter ensues (how many times have I written that by this point?) about her ass, and eye-rolling, and unzipping her dress, and go to dinner already. Back from dinner, they email more stupid shit back and forth. He’s meeting a friend for dinner. Ana sits in her bed jealously. She’s angry at “Mrs. Robinson,” Grey’s old domme. She Googles “Christian Grey.” Really? You’re doing this now? She finds the graduation pic of herself with him. She emails Grey to ask with whom he had dinner, then goes to sleep.

Ana’s mom gives her more man advice. Ana doesn’t seem like herself. Grey emails her to tell her it was with “Mrs. Robinson,” and reminds her that they’re just friends. She sends a pissy reply. He tells her he’s not going to talk about it over email, and wants to know how many Cosmos she’s going to have. Which means he followed her. Again. Are you tired of this shit yet? Three more chapters to go . . .


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  1. “her brain is stuffed with more fluff than Winnie-the-Pooh”

    Oh, she’s like pooh alright. All of these characters are.

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