Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series that everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 21

Chapter 21. Ana wakes up and wanders out in search of Grey, only to run into a woman cleaning the kitchen; it’s the housekeeper. She’s blonde and blue-eyed. She offers to make Ana breakfast, but she only wants tea. Ana wonders why all these women look alike, and if they’ve all been his subs at some point.

Grey is working on something business-like via phone. He’s so mysterious – what does his company really do? Everytime he talks, it’s different. It’s like on How I Met Your Mother, where no one knows what Barney REALLY does at Goliath National Bank. At any rate, he’s bringing her to some function – which will turn out to be a fuck-tion, because that’s how this book is.

She greets him hello and he tells her to go shower before he lays her out on the desk. She’d rather the latter; she’s becoming quite the nympho, isn’t she? So, he throws her on the desk, and has his “so raw, so carnal,” way with her. With her wrists at her sides and him pulling on them as he thrusts – this book makes my arthritis act up. As soon as he wants her to, she’s Instant Orgasm, as if his words are magic to her vagina.

She’s sore. That’s a surprise – not. He likes it that she is, because he revels in the knowledge that he did that to her. Ana asks stupid questions and he’s back to his brusque self. She banters dumbly, and he responds, but distractedly. Oh, no, he’s losing his edge; he’s gonna give you more ass-slaps to show you who’s boss.

Ana showers and wonders why he reacted like he did – I just told you, but as we’ve learned from enduring this book together, it takes awhile for ideas to reach Ana’s top floor. Again, the housekeeper asks her if she’d like food, and she’s like, “No, I like my stomach empty and growling.” Grey orders for her and commands her to sit. He offers his private jet to take her to Georgia. They banter stupidly about stalking.

Ana pushes her luck again about why he doesn’t like to be touched. Apparently, that morsel of info she got is the first he’s ever told anyone. He’ll miss her when she’s away. Of course you will, you can’t spank yourself – well, I guess you can, but it wouldn’t be quite the same.

She goes to her internship interviews. We don’t care. Kate promises not to interfere with Grey, but asks if she’s escaping by going to Georgia. Kate says it’s evident that he’s smitten – because he watches her like a hawk. Again, birds of prey. Kate suggests she should tell him how she feels. Feelings? Grey doesn’t compute feelings unless they relate to pain.

Ana writes Grey an email because he hasn’t contacted her, which disappoints her. When he does, he’s smothering you, and when he doesn’t, you’re sad? Make up your fucking mind! Stupid emails follow about their respective days, use of non-words, and whether his housekeeper is a former sub. He’s shocked she’d think that, as he would never do that, except for her, because she’s a “bright young woman with remarkable negotiating skills.” Are you sure we’re talking about the same person? He doesn’t like that she used the word “fucking,” but that’s what you said it is, Grey, so she’s only being accurate.

Ana goes to the airport with a “rucksack.” No one says that here. Grey upgraded her to first class, as I’m sure the thought of his shiny new toy trapped with the plebes in coach was too much to bear.


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  1. “It’s like on How I Met Your Mother, where no one knows what Barney REALLY does at Goliath National Bank. ”


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