Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 20

Chapter 20. Grey takes Ana to the attic part of the boathouse. She pleads for him not to hit her, and what’s worse, she touches his face. He responds confusedly to her kisses and caresses. He asks what she’s doing, for she said no at the dinner table. Were you going to slip your hand under her dress at the dinner table with your parents right there, you fucking perv? It’s hot because no one has ever refused him before. He’s mad because of Georgia, and José, and the fact she clamped her legs shut at a crowded family dinner table like normal people would. So, since he can’t spank her, he’s going to screw her here and now, but only for his own pleasure.

He orders her to put her hands on her head. So he’s into hostage situations now, too? If she has an orgasm, he will spank her. He puts his hands on her hands, pins her arms outward with his elbows, and his legs force hers outwards. He has sex quickly, leaving her wanting, because that’s his goal, frustration. As that is what she does to him, by denying him control. He gives her back her underwear, which she considers a victory. No, dumbass, it’s probably more a practical matter, as otherwise you’re going to ruin your dress.

His sister calls out, looking for them. Grey was showing Ana his rowing trophies, apparently. They go down to say goodbye to Kate and Elliot and Grey hits Ana in the ass. Ana whispers to Kate to stop egging Christian on, but Kate says he needs it, so that one can see his true colors. She tells Ana to be careful. If you only knew, Kate –

Grey and Ana say their goodbyes, as well. In the car, Ana admits that she knows that she was only there because he was trapped into it, but Grey insists that’s not true, and wishes she wouldn’t be so negative. Oh, come on, you feed on that low self-esteem, and you know it. Ana still hasn’t made up her mind about going to Georgia. He wants to accompany her, but she needs a break “to try and think things through.” You still haven’t thought about your situation? That’s never good! They banter stupidly. Then he asks her what she needs to think about. What do you think, really? She’s having second thoughts and he wants to know why. Um, because her pea-brain has finally process what you’re all about and it’s frightening that she’s just a plaything to you?

All she says is, “I still want more.” More beatings? A collar? Oh, more from this relationship! Sorry, got confused there for a second. He says he’ll try. Yeah, screwing you in the boathouse was a spectacular attempt. So was trying to get up your dress at dinner.

He seems sincere to her, so she unbuckles and climbs into his lap to mack on him. Since he’s such a control freak and was all about car safety a few chapters ago, you think he’d tell her to buckle her seatbelt again. So inconsistent. He wants her to stay. She says she’ll sign, but he tells her to wait until after her trip.

They get back to his place, she bites her lip, he promises a screw in the elevator at a future date, then he tells her they’re going to bed. Dumb banter about vanilla sex and different flavors, she wants to touch him, he says no. She asks why it’s a hard limit, and he gets annoyed. Ana goes to the bathroom, and argues with her multiple personalities in the mirror; she hallucinates one with Medusa-like hair or something who makes faces. Lay off the drugs.

Ana brushes her teeth with Grey’s toothbrush, again. That is so nasty. Yes, still. And – he’s thought of everything else, but yet didn’t have his assistant get her a fucking toothbrush? Grey uses it after her, so I guess this doesn’t faze him, considering all the other shit he’s done. Ana presses for information again, and bargains a spanking for the truth. He agrees and returns with ben-wa balls (again, thank you, internet, for teaching me about these things). He’s going to put them inside her and then spank her, but not a punishment – this will be pleasurable. Then they’ll do it, and then he’ll tell her about his childhood.

He makes her moisten the balls with her mouth. The toy, not his junk. Then she must bend over and grab her ankles. He moistens the balls with his mouth, too. Again, not his own – that would take some talent. Yummo. “This is sexier than the toothbrush.” If you say so. He puts the toy where it needs to go, then orders her to stand and get him a glass of water, which she doesn’t understand, until she starts walking around and realizes they move around inside her. He makes her stand before him and ask for a spanking, but it takes Little Miss Braincell a few times to realize what he wants.

Grey doesn’t pin her down this time, and wants to see her face. He caresses her ass, then slaps her in such a way that those metal balls move around. Then he yanks them out suddenly and replaces the chain with his Earl, more gently than he did when he took her virginity.

Then he massages lotion into her ass, tells Ana that his biological mother was a “crackwhore” and that she’s dead. That’s it? After all that, that’s all you get? What a poor exchange rate!!


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One response to “Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 20

  1. Matthew Green

    “He makes her moisten the balls with her mouth. The toy, not his junk.”

    See, I automatically assumed the opposite. On a related matter, in the real world I like to think that Grey would be rotting away in prison at this point. The man is a sexual predator and shouldn’t be on the streets.

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