Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 19

Chapter 19. Grey wakes her up for dinner at his parents’ place. She is stiff, and understands the personal trainer requirement now. Her clothes are hanging up, except for her underwear. Grey took them during “playtime,” and put them in his pocket. It’s probably purposeful, so that she’ll beg and he’ll get to make the decision whether to return them. She decides to just go without.

She finds Grey listening to Sinatra, and he wants her to dance with him. Grey, not Sinatra. He’s playful, and she wonders if she’ll ever figure him out. My wager is “no.”

Ana begins freaking out to herself about going outside with no underwear. She’s thankful the dress is long enough. I hope you wash it before giving it back to Kate.

Taylor drives them. Grey is moody again. Ana wonders what she can talk about; she figures asking about where he learned to dance is a safe topic. But, is there ever a safe topic with him? Anyway, he was taught by his former domme. Which leads Ana’s thoughts into a whirl about all the sordid things she must have taught him, and oh, she hates her and hopes she never meets her. Too late!

She thinks over the afternoon’s events, and asks herself if she would repeat them. Yes, as long as there isn’t too much pain, and if it’s the sole way to have a relationship with him. Yeah, that’s healthy!

He tells her not to over-think. She wants to know why he uses cable ties. Because they’re quick and easy. And also “quite brutal, and I do like that in a restraining device.” Okay, now is when one should tuck and roll out of the car. He’s a sadist, with a capital S.

Ana meets the Greys. His sister is very effusive and excited – oh em gee, we’ve never seen my brother with a GIRL before! Kate and Elliot are already there. Ana realizes that she’s here because of Kate, that he was “trapped” into bringing her. He commands her in front of the group, but no one says anything because they’re probably used to him being bossy. He sits next to her but doesn’t touch her.

Mr. Grey draws Ana into their vacation conversation. Ana shares she’s going to Georgia to visit her mother. This throws Grey for a loop, as she hasn’t said anything to him yet. He is getting angry, but trying to hold it down for company. Kate defends her friend, saying she needs a break. Ana doesn’t understand why she’s “antagonistic.” Um, because she and everyone else in the world can see he’s a control freak, and she’s trying to be a pal and help you out?

Dinner’s ready, but Grey pulls her back, wanting to know when she was going to tell him she was going away. She reminds him it would be a visit, and they don’t have an “arrangement” yet. He tells her they’re not done, but it will have to wait until they’re alone so he can spank you again.

At table, she whispers for him not to be mad, but he is. But not “palm-twitchingly” so. Kate, in a bid to make Grey jealous, asks about José at the bar the other night. NOW he’s “palm-twitchingly” mad.

Ana actually eats! Color me shocked. They chatter, and Ana is jealous of the kitchen help staring at her man. She wonders if she’ll get punished, thanks to Kate’s big mouth, and wonders if she could hide out in Georgia. Don’t worry, he’ll stalk you there!

Grey touches her leg under the table, which makes her drink more. She chokes on her wine at Grey’s sister speaking of her former boss as a “domineering tyrant.” People talk around the table. Ana bites her lip. He offers to take her on a “tour of the grounds.” He scoops her up, once outside, smacks her on the ass, then carries her into the boathouse for a “spank and fuck” session. She says she thought he was an “in the moment” guy. Well, he is, and this is the moment. Isn’t anyone going to notice if they’re gone awhile?


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One response to “Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 19

  1. Matthew Green

    “Isn’t anyone going to notice if they’re gone awhile?”

    The others are probably glad to be rid of the insufferable Grey for even a short while. I’m sure they take what little moments that they can get.

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