Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 18

Chapter 18. The doctor is blond and looks like the other women he employs – Stepfordian! It seems like Grey takes orders from the doctor. Ana doesn’t seem to see where this is going, and blushes as they pass the closed playroom door. The doctor tells Grey to look after Ana, and Ana the Dolt wonders at the appropriateness of such a remark. You seriously don’t see it?

Anyway, more stupid banter and teasing, and then we go back to food. Ana calls him “sex on legs,” and at this point, Boyfriend (to whom I’ve been reading snippets) covered his eyes and just said, “No! That is so BAD!” So, in case you think I’m the only one . . .

They eat chicken Caesar salad. They drink wine. He asks which contraception method she chose – then frowns when he finds out it’s the pill. He wants to ensure that she’ll take it every day. She actually eats a meal this time, so no more food for at least five chapters.

Grey asks if she wants to do this, even though she hasn’t signed anything. She can’t believe he wants to hurt her, and “I should run, but I can’t.” Because he’s hawt, and sadistic, but mostly hawt, so she’s drawn despite herself.
He tells her to “come,” but he really means “follow me,” and every time I read this, I think these people are Instant Orgasm-ing all over the place. So he leads her to the playroom, and undresses her, then braids her hair. Then tells her when she enters this room, it will be in underwear only and she must kneel by the door with head bowed. She wonders if she should take notes. Boyfriend’s remark: “How hard is that to remember? Unless your brain is the capacity of a Styrofoam coffee cup . . . ”

Anyway, he leaves her there while he gets changed. He orders her to stand and look at him. He’s going to chain her, but starts by smacking her open palm with a riding crop. Then he shackles her wrists to a grid in the ceiling. Grey takes off her underwear, then walks around her with the crop, flicking it at her “sex” from behind. Then he flicks it at her nipples, first one, then the other. Next, he hits her in the ass. And finally, he gets her in the clitoris. He drags the riding crop, and then puts it in her mouth. Then, at her request, he gives her nearly-Instant Orgasm with the crop. Then he leans her on the cross on the wall, and he has his way with her. She can’t believe how tired she is after this. And he’s not done with her yet.

Ana unthinkingly nuzzles against Grey’s chest, and notices a few scars there. She wonders if they’re from a childhood illness, and how can you be this stupid? Anyway, this snaps him back to dominant reality, and he orders her to kneel by the door once again. She starts to doze, and instead of going easy on her, he puts cable ties around her wrists. I done tole you they were for you, girl!

He wants more from her, but he’ll be quick, cause she’s tired. He leads her to the bed, and orders her to hold one of the posts, warning her of punishment if she lets go. The point of this is he’s going to do her from the back, so she’ll need the post to hold herself up. Then he’ll allow her to sleep. Oh, how considerate of him! He pulls her braid as he enters her, then starts slamming, still pulling her hair. She’s afraid to have an orgasm because she might collapse, so all he has to say is “give it to me,” and she instantly lets go, mentally and physically.

He picks her up off the floor, and cuts the cable ties; they banter stupidly, he slips her into a robe, then he carries her to her bed and climbs in next to her. So many orgasms are so exhausting. Don’t you just feel for her?


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  1. “I think these people are Instant Orgasm-ing all over the place”

    That would make this “book” more interesting, that’s for sure.

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