Fifty Types of Dreck – or, that “book” series that everyone loves for some reason – Chapter 14

Chapter 14. Ana has a “wet dream” about Grey with a riding crop, which he flicks at her clitoris, making her Instant Orgasm. She awakes, not realizing that this could happen in one’s sleep.

Kate tries to get Ana to talk about Grey, but she is evasive. She tries to redirect Kate by asking about her speech. She thinks some more about Grey and what a relationship with him would be like.

He stepdad arrives, they talk for two minutes, and suddenly, they’re in the car heading toward the school. It’s all in the same paragraph, and this is not the first time this has happened.

Graduation ceremony. Grey wears his torture tie. She tells the girls next to her that are squealing over Grey that he’s gay. He tortures her with his eyes from the stage. I am tortured by the horrible prose. Kate gives her speech, and Ana wonders if she would have gotten together with Grey. Um, no, because she’s not a milquetoast, and he’s not into girls he can’t mold. Plus, she called him creepy.

Grey gives a speech. All the females in the audience clench their thighs together. He speaks of world hunger, and apparently has experienced it himself. Ana wonders if this is why he has food issues. Ya think? Grey hands her her diploma and asks if she’s been ignoring his emails; she only saw the one. Kate comes to Ana after the ceremony and tell her Grey wants to see her.
He takes her to an unoccupied room and locks the door behind him. He wants to know why she has ignored his emails and texts. Ana tries flattery about his speech. It has no effect! He argues that her “deathtrap” of a car worries him. I’m sorry that we all aren’t rich and own Audis or whatever the fuck it is that you drive, Grey. All of this is just a screen, however; he needs an answer from her. For fuck’s sake, as idiotic as this book is, this would be a big deal, so maybe you should give her more than, I don’t know, three hours? I mean, she totally hasn’t been thinking, and she probably should do that, but when you keep distracting her with the proximity of your Earl Grey, her pea-brain can’t take it. He needs an answer tomorrow. He wants to meet her step-dad, but she doesn’t want him to, as she doesn’t know what to introduce him as. “A friend,” he says, who’s into spanking and suspending women from his ceiling.

Her step-dad takes pictures. Her “subconscious” is annoying, as always. Kate’s brother picks her up and spins her. Grey isn’t going to like his possession being manhandled. Annoying banter as Grey’s eyes chill. And then literally turn to blocks of ice and fall out of his head *plink plink*. Kate introduces Grey as Ana’s boyfriend, which doesn’t faze him as much as Kate’s brother’s familiarity with his partial plaything.

Grey uses Charm on Ray, Ana’s step-dad. It’s super effective! Ana is not part of this convo, so she goes to Kate, who is all, “Oh, look, Ana, Christian can’t take his eyes off you.” Of course; the predator must always keep close watch on his prey.

She returns and he overpowers her with his staring and his touches, and she says she wants more than what he’ll give her. “It’s not something I know.” Flimsy excuse; you’re doing a “good” job of pretending so far. He tells her to “try it,” and she says okay.

But then she needs to think some more, because oh em gee, I just agreed to something without thinking. Her step-dad approves of Grey, not that we really care. He tells Grey to “take care” of his “baby girl.” Will he ever!

Back at home, she sees all the missed messages from Grey, and a new one about soft limits. She says she can come over tonight. He says he’ll come to her because he thinks her car is unsafe. She wraps up the expensive <i>Tess</i> edition to give back to him, with a quote about punishment, but only as much as she can handle. Eh, it’s porn, get used to it.


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  1. “Grey uses Charm on Ray, Ana’s step-dad. It’s super effective!”

    That joke never gets old.

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