Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Nine) – The Conclusion

Chapter 10 – Playing with Fire. Balaam in the Bible became a false prophet; beware of him. Study your Bible and his story so you can avoid the same traps. Even though you might well be as mentally and spiritually deranged as he.

He next cites a destruction of a Mennonite church in Pennsylvania, in great detail. Even though the “Satanic symbol,” 666, was written on certain things, doesn’t mean it was necessarily the work of Satanists. Could have been some wannabe punk kids, too! It mentions that “hundreds of cone-shaped paper cups” were left behind. Perhaps the participants were wildly drunk and stupid kids. Not everything is Satan, ya know. Most times, it’s the free will of the stupid.

Hearken to the story of Roberta, who wrote a book entitled Escape from Witchcraft, a supposed autobiography where she got caught in the clutches of witchcraft – that is to say, Satanism, because they are both the same thing to an uninformed fundie Christian. Here is an excerpt from the book that I found:

I dressed myself in black, cursing like a mad woman. “He will die for that. I’ll destroy him. He’ll suck the wrath of hell!” I ran around the house chanting, “Give me power. Draw it up out of my soul from the very roots of hell.”

Suddenly I fell on my knees. Realization poured over me. The powers that I had thought were my own gifts were really the devious tricks of the devil. Tricks used to trap me. My powers were produced by and rooted in evil. For almost three years I had blindly claimed these powers as my own, never realizing whose puppet I had become.

The sound of thunder echoed within the walls of my mind and a voice crackled, “You stupid fool. Where do you think you got your power from?” It laughed. “Not yourself.” And laughed again. “I’m not through with you.”

I screamed aloud, hoping I could hear my own voice above the other. “I’m crazy. I’m crazy. Kill me, I’m crazy.” I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a butcher knife, ready to slash my wrists.

Suddenly I froze as the voice continued, “I’m not through with you. You’ve just begun. So do as I say.” And the next thing I knew, I, Roberta Blankenship, bowed down on my knees, raised my arms into the air, and said, “Satan, you are my master and my prince. Use me as you will. I am yours.”

With that I fell flat on the floor and cried, “The devil is real.”

How horrible – the writing, that is!

Or what about Elaine? Remember I spoke of a Doctor Rebecca Brown who lost her medical license? Elaine, whom she claimed to cure from demonic illness, was actually her roommate, and the entire story embodied in Brown’s book was made up. It was later made into comics by Jack Chick, yes, the very same Chief Engineer on the train to Crazytown. Perhaps He Came to Set the Captives Free (Brown’s book) may make a spotlight entry on this here site at a later date. It sounds too fucked up not to be! But essentially, the good “doctor” helped the demonized woman (who claimed that she had married Satan) to spiritual deliverance. Aw, a happy ending! (except not).

There were a few more chapters, but it’s the same shit about putting on the armor of god and all that nonsense. Tune in next time when we take a look at Out of Harm’s Way, by Jack Thompson!


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