Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Seven)

Chapter 8 – Modern Day Witchcraft. My time for this loan is running short, and there are still a few chapters to go, but it seems the further I get, the crazier Phillips becomes.

To recap, witches are bad, mmmkay? Then he segues into modern Satanism, which is NOT the same thing, you idiot. He quotes from the Satanic Bible. Dude, you picked it up and read from it? Jesus is gonna be so pissed!

Phillips tells us that Satanists hate humility and purity, and love cruelty and lust. “To the Christian, to delight in all pleasures of the senses is sinful and unclean.” All? So, that would mean that, say, enjoying a good meal is “sinful and unclean;” hope you don’t take wifey out to nice restaurants for your anniversary, because then you are completely disobeying god – according to your skewed worldview, that is.

Aleister Crowley is up next, who “resisted faith in Christ and turned to Satan.” Actually, he formed his own kooky theosophy, but apparently, the hand of Satan was in it. And his father was a preacher, too; more’s the pity!

Remember, most modern-day witches look just like everyone else; “this is what makes them difficult to spot . . . except through the power of the Spirit of God.” Why? Is it like a flashlight you can shine on someone and discover if they’re for Jesus?

In recent years (that is to say, the early 1990s), the West Coast has seen larger numbers of young people becoming Satanists. What is the reason? Oh, several; I’m sure you can say them with me now – rock music, Dungeons and Dragons (and other filthy LARPs), and “individual recruitment.” Be all you can be – in Satan’s army!

And now, The Brotherhood. Supposedly an offshoot of the Church of Satan, “this cult is extremely secretive.” Can’t be TOO secretive, otherwise, how would you know about it? “No written records of membership are kept.” Actually, they have a website now . . . “Most attend local Christian churches and are considered ‘good citizens’ because they are involved in local civic activities.” Hey, Philly Boy, are you trying to tell us something here? He tells us about code names and human sacrifices, “most often babies – born out of wedlock to various cult members, cared for by the doctors and nurses within the cult so that the mother is never seen in a hospital . . . ”

He has a source for all of this information quoted above. A book entitled He Came to Set the Captives Free, by “Doctor” Rebecca Brown. I put the word in quotes because she was a licensed doctor, but lost her license due to improperly diagnosing and over-medicating patients! She’s a kook herself, and apparently, a liar; she made up all of her stories in the book Phillips cited. You can see for yourself just from doing a cursory Google search.

Now, I don’t doubt that there ARE cultists (Satan-worshippers or not) who participate in human sacrifice; however, I doubt that they are as prevalent as Phillips (and his crony, Brown) make it out to be.

Finally, the goddess movement and feminist witches. Their radical viewpoint is, “‘Imagine that the people of the people of this world finally take that poor son off the cross; let’s take him down slowly, pull out the nails and lay him to rest in the Mother Earth . . . ‘” However, Phillips states that this is unnecessary, for HE’S ALIVE!!!

Run, children, run; Frankenstein’s monster is upon us!


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  1. ‘Imagine that the people of the people of this world finally take that poor son off the cross”… John Lennon got weird in his later years.

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