Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Six)

Chapter 7 – Black Mass and Black Magic. Phillips tells us little is known of the early history of the black mass. Somehow, however, he knows lots about the contemporary history of said ritual and how it is performed: over the altar is an upside-down cross and a picture of the devil. The priest throws a cross to the floor and shouts “Shemhaforash,” which, apparently, is a bastardization of a Hebrew word meaning “the explicit name.” Then the “priest” spits on the cross and and says “Hail Satan,” replete with an obscene gesture. Then the attendees repeat the Lord’s prayer backwards. Where does Phillips get this information? From a book called Occult Shock and Psychic Forces, which I’m inclined to discount in one breath when I consider that they deem YOGA an occult practice. (And they are not alone in this – do a Google search on “yoga occult” and see what you find. I say, give me a fucking break).

He cites a long description by Rollo Ahmed, an Egyptian occultist who wrote at length on such ceremonies in his book The Black Art. Not sure how true any of it is, although I don’t see much really debunking him on the internet, and we all know how much people love to debunk (and put forth) theories! I’m assuming the “oracle of the bleeding head” story is from the same book, but there is no citation. Apparently, Catherine de’Medici was a participant in this, which involved the decapitation of a child blessed of great beauty and purity.

In between all this, is this picture, with the caption “Satanic symbol.” Actually, it’s a movie poster for a Nazi propaganda film called “The Eternal Jew.” So, Phillips, what are you REALLY trying to say here? Jews are Satan? It’s obvious he cribbed this movie poster from somewhere, and not knowing the language, could feign ignorance. Well, it’s 2011 now, buddy, and you’ve just been shown up. As an anti-Semite, to boot!

He likes to continually point out that all of these Satanic rituals involved nudity. I think he’s just jealous and wants to cavort with the naked ladies, too. “The ordinary participants, inflamed with drug and drink, maddened with blood and sadistic excitement, would certainly have had no thought but of expressing their lowest and filthiest impulses, and of wallowing in a mad phantasmagoria of sexual lust.” See? Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

He then describes how witches were tortured in the 1600s, and the detail is a bit gory – alcohol burns, hanging, crushed limbs, et cetera. So, obviously, under such duress, people confessed to anything, including eating babies, and fornicating with the devil in mad moonlit orgies. However, Phillips said that the descriptive tortures should not make you sympathetic towards these obviously wicked creatures, as the book from which he quoted was written by a person with a “liberal position towards witchcraft.” Remember god’s commandment that “thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” So torture is okay? Oh, wait, plenty of things in the Bible were heinous and violent, so of COURSE it’s okay!

The phallus, by the power of Greyskull, has the power to subdue demons and the Evil Eye. Everyone, get out your penis necklaces that you got from that bachelorette party a long time ago. They fight evil! For some reason, there are certain sentences in all caps, such as “SPECIAL CHARMS WERE MADE AFTER THE FASHION OF THE GENITAL ORGANS. TODAY, THESE PHALLIC TALISMANS CAN BE SEEN EVERWHERE [sic] AND ARE WORN WITHOUT ANY CONCEALMENT.” I don’t see a lot of peen necklaces in America, but . . . an anklet might be nice and fashionable. What do you think?

He has a small section on Jewish magic, which basically seems to say that Jews consider sorcery abhorrent. So, how can they be sorcerers then? My head hurts.

“Young boys were used for the discerning of spirits . . . the magician seats himself on a three-legged stool, drawing the child between his thighs with his back turned . . . ” Um, there is a LOT wrong with that besides the “black magic” aspect, dude. I found this ritual in a book entitled Babylonian Oil Magic in the Talmud and in the Later Jewish Literature. So, um, why isn’t this under “Jewish magic,” then?

Many rain-making ceremonies are sexual in nature. Wife-swapping is common, but they’re all heathen Africans, so what do they know? It is a tireless pursuit to satisfy the flesh, especially when the spirit is unsatisfied. “Peace is found only in Jesus Christ.” Yes, but can you have sex with him?


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  1. “Oracle of the Bleeding Head” really was the worst of The Legend of Zelda games.

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