Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Four)

Chapter Four – “Dabbling.” In the Bible, readers are warned that “the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generations of those who disobey God.” So, if you’re second generation, that means you’re in the clear.

Involving oneself with occult practices has serious side effects. Some people may experience these side effects: nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness. Call your doctor right away if any of these very serious side effects appear: over-large pupils, insanity, or death.

We live in an enlightened age, so why do people still get involved with such practices? “Occult experiences, though deceptive, offer people a certain reality and answers for life’s basic questions.” You mean, just like your religion?

Incantations. Words are weapons and can be very powerful. Gestures and expressions can assist us, but “to communicate with clarity we usually use the tongue.” That’s what she said. The magical use of words dates back many centuries. Prayers have been used as incantations. You can be set free from incantations! Is there a prayer involved?

Ouija boards. Yes, the Parker Brothers board game. It is not a lighthearted game, “to play at a slumber party or a birthday party.” So, parties of adults with alcohol and such can play with it, right? It is a dead serious occult tool game. Wait, so which is it – occult, tool, or game? Make up your mind, man!

The messages that come through the board are not always wicked, at least, at the outset, for Satan is a great deceiver. He cites several stories about people being influenced by the Ouija board, writing books about subjects of which they profess no prior knowledge. There is the danger of demon possession, not to mention murder. Yes, “no one knows how many murders have been caused that relate somehow to the Ouija board.” To Proquest! I see two in a very brief search of historic issues of New York Times, one of which is very interesting and involves an artist’s wife and some Seneca Indians. And he mentions a third, so quick and dirty conclusion, is he is full of bullshit.

Especially since the Ouija, according to some authoress who wrote a book about the toy/game, “voices say we are all gods, the Ouija is a tool to become more like a god, or even become god.” It is a board and a plastic moving accessory, put out by one of the major boardgame manufacturers. Give me a fucking break. But, you can be set free from the Ouija board!

Dungeons and Dragons. He talked about this at length in Turmoil, so I’ll just link you that particular chapter and have done with it. He mainly repeats what he says there in the Halloween book, anyway. If you are involved with D&D, don’t worry – you can be set free!

Tarot cards. Obviously occult, because they are fortune telling. The pictures are “crude and not very well drawn.” Yeah, well, this book is rife with errors and very poorly written. Somehow, both things make money, so what’s your beef? You can be set free from tarot cards. He keeps repeating this at the end of every section, but yet, doesn’t tell you how.

Tea-leaf reading. You might think it’s just for fun, but it is also occult, and involves trances, and clairvoyants, and other such Satanic devices, and I ask you, what does all of this have to do with Halloween specifically? I’m not sure, so let me gaze into my crystal ball, like the “occultic” heathen I am. For divination of such types is also of the debbil!

You can also be set free from the third eye (of which he knows very little, as he only wrote two teensy paragraphs), talismans, palmistry, necromancy, ritual magic, Edgar Cayce (but he’s been dead since 1945, whatev), the Rosicrucians (and other secret societies), good luck charms, pentagrams, and “hex signs,” by which he means mostly the folksy art you see in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Bluebirds are bad, mmmkay?

Chapter Five – Twelve Forbidden Practices. There is not much to this chapter, and it was also an index in Turmoil in the Toybox. Basically, it’s the “occultic” things to watch out for and avoid, such as necromancy, witchcraft, and prognostication, with Bible verses to back him up.


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  1. “Edgar Cayce (but he’s been dead since 1945, whatev)”

    Sounds to me like Edgar Cayce has been set free from us!

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