Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Three)

Chapter 3 – The Strange and the Supernatural. In this chapter, more folklore and mythology is presented, and if one had any sense at all, they would recognize that that is all this is, and has nothing to do with Satan.

“Europeans of the Middle Ages feared the glassy star and eerie call of the owl.” The star was their amulet, you see, and to look into its face was to look into the face . . . of pure evil. So, many fucking typos in this book! Ever hear of a copy-editor? Damn!

Apparently, many of the sentences in these chapters about the folklore and mythology were plagiarized from a book entitled Witches, Pumpkins, and Grinning Ghosts: the story of the Halloween symbols, by Edna Barth. It was first published in 1972, so Phillips and Robie were certainly able to lift items wholesale from it. I discovered this when I did a Google search for “toad fed on bread and water.” So, now we can add “thief” to the list of misdeeds!

Under the heading of “cats,” there is a picture of a cat with an upside down crucifix next to him/her. The hell? The poor baby has a wandering eye, too. That’s just cruel.

To show how stupid this book really is, there is another image described as “vampire show advertisement.” Actually, Varney the Vampire, or the Feast of Blood was a Victorian horror story introducing much of the vampire mythology in popular culture today. Source: Wikipedia. I really wish I knew how many people got duped by Phillips in the end. However, in this case, I’ll blame the victim; don’t be brainwashed, and do your own damned research.

Phillips talks about the history of masks in various cultures, then says, “I ask you, ‘Do Christians wear masks? What kind of masks do they wear?'” The answers are “yes,” and “that of the hypocrite.”

So, parents, now that you know all of the Satanic rituals and history of not-so-innocent Halloween, what can you do when your children want to go romp about with the pagan neighbor’s kids? There are alternatives!

How about a Harvest Party? Children can come as Bible characters or something else that isn’t Satanic. Or how about a Country Party, where they can dress in overalls like backwoods bumpkins? I’ll bring the banjo! This is much safer, don’t you think? Don’t let your kids wander in back alleys in search of candy; they’re only going to get apples with razor blades that they somehow won’t be able to see! Or perhaps LSD tattoos.

“Parents may wish to have a prayer meeting when the youths are having a party.” Hahahahahahaha! Or a “Holy-ween” party to save souls on Satan’s day! Yes, let us all worship Jesus’ Holy ween! *snicker*

If you have ever participated in Halloween celebrations, even when you were young and innocent, you should pray about it. Not sure what to say? That’s fine, they’ve done it for you!

Lord Jesus, I renounce any involvement I have had with this pagan holiday, Halloween. I serve Satan notice that I will not be involved in the things that represent him, and I choose to do that which represents my Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen.

I love how the prayer makes mention of which pagan holiday you are referring to. Even though Jasus is supposedly omniscient . . .

And ya hear that, Satan? You’re on notice!!



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2 responses to “Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Three)

  1. The eerie call of the owl? But what about the eerie call of He-Man?

  2. This is too funny, since I seem to remember being told Halloween was quasi-Christian so you can scare off all of the bad spirits/devils/demons/whatever before the holiday of All Souls Day on November 1st….hum….

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