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Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Four)

Chapter Four – “Dabbling.” In the Bible, readers are warned that “the sins of the fathers are visited upon the third and fourth generations of those who disobey God.” So, if you’re second generation, that means you’re in the clear.

Involving oneself with occult practices has serious side effects. Some people may experience these side effects: nausea, vomiting, constipation, dizziness. Call your doctor right away if any of these very serious side effects appear: over-large pupils, insanity, or death.

We live in an enlightened age, so why do people still get involved with such practices? “Occult experiences, though deceptive, offer people a certain reality and answers for life’s basic questions.” You mean, just like your religion?

Incantations. Words are weapons and can be very powerful. Gestures and expressions can assist us, but “to communicate with clarity we usually use the tongue.” That’s what she said. The magical use of words dates back many centuries. Prayers have been used as incantations. You can be set free from incantations! Is there a prayer involved? Continue reading

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Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Three)

Chapter 3 – The Strange and the Supernatural. In this chapter, more folklore and mythology is presented, and if one had any sense at all, they would recognize that that is all this is, and has nothing to do with Satan.

“Europeans of the Middle Ages feared the glassy star and eerie call of the owl.” The star was their amulet, you see, and to look into its face was to look into the face . . . of pure evil. So, many fucking typos in this book! Ever hear of a copy-editor? Damn!

Apparently, many of the sentences in these chapters about the folklore and mythology were plagiarized from a book entitled Witches, Pumpkins, and Grinning Ghosts: the story of the Halloween symbols, by Edna Barth. It was first published in 1972, so Phillips and Robie were certainly able to lift items wholesale from it. I discovered this when I did a Google search for “toad fed on bread and water.” So, now we can add “thief” to the list of misdeeds!

Under the heading of “cats,” there is a picture of a cat with an upside down crucifix next to him/her. The hell? The poor baby has a wandering eye, too. That’s just cruel. Continue reading


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Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part Two)

Chapter 2 – A Celebration of Death. This is always my favorite part – debunking every damned thing Phillips writes. Behold, the power of the internet. By the way, he cites no sources for any of the following, and none of his images are credited in any way.

If you think Halloween is just a time for pumpkin pie and treat-or-treating children, again, you thought wrong, fool! There is so much more to the story that you are not thinking about!

Halloween is the festival witches celebrate more than any other! Actually, it’s Samhain, but factchecking whut? Witchcraft is nothing to sneeze at. It is an abomination in the eyes of god, and to make sure you are aware of how serious this this, they made sure to put it in italics! Phillips and Robie have their collective panties in a bunch over the fact that the IRS gave tax-exempt status to the Church of Wicca. Um, anything that is recognized as a religion gets tax-exempt status – shit, even the Scientologists finally got tax exemption after many years of fighting about it! Worshiping Jesus is the same as worshiping nature, so yeah, you’re equal. Deal. Continue reading


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Phillips strikes again! (Halloween and Satanism, Part One)

Hey, boys and girls, in honor of the Devil’s Day coming up (Halloween, in case you didn’t know), I’m doing a Spooktacular Special! Phil Phillips wrote a book with another author, called Halloween and Satanism, and it is just right for the holiday. I’m hoping to do an entry a day until Halloween! That will make up for my being scarce lately. (My apologies; real life sometimes intervenes, and on top of that, this book took for-fucking-ever to come in. However, please, support your local libraries).

So, lest you think we were done with Phil Phillips entirely, here he is again, with a cohort this time, Joan Hake Robie. I swear this is not the Phil Phillips blog, but he is just so PERFECT for it, I cannot resist sporking him multiple times!

Who is this Joan Hake Robie character, you ask? Why, the President of Starburst Publishers (who also published Turmoil in the Toy Box, if you’ll recall). So, she’s to blame! I’d go beat her, but it appears that she passed away, this year, in fact. I find it funny that in her brief bio she was proud to mention that she had appeared on “The Morton Downey, Jr. Show.” Anyway, let’s move on, shall we?

If you thought Halloween was innocent, well, you thought wrong, sucka! Read this book to save yourself, or a loved one, from the pitfalls of Satan. Is that a secret level in the Atari game? If you are fettered with the devices of Satan this book will help to free you! Continue reading


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Sweet Blessings by Jillian Hart – Chapter One

As promised, I come bearing a preview of a horrid romance novel. From Steeple Hill Books’ Love Inspired line, I bring you Sweet Blessings by Jillian Hart.

Chapter One. So, a man walks into a diner . . . seriously. Our protagonist checks him out as he stands “like a shadow” by the door. Is he a g-g-ghost? Now, that would be different! It is established that he is a stranger and looks exhausted, like one who has been on the road too long. Amy hopes that he will be a “quick in-and-out.” Oh, really? What sort of establishment are you running here?

Amy hopes this lone wolf will leave soon, as she has a young’un at home. She studies the man, as she leads him to a seat, then as she takes his order. He is exhausted – have we mentioned that already? We have? Well, he IS, okay? He also makes “less noise than a shadow.” Again, is he a ghost?

The stranger orders coffee and a burger, with bacon, “if it’s not too much trouble.” I suppose this is to establish that he is polite, despite his pain?

Any watches him in the reflection, his haunted look. Too much occultness! What would Phil Phillips say?

The haunting has affected Amy, too. “The regrets and despair of the past yanked within her, like a summer trout caught on a fishing hook.” Hey, bub, looks like we caught a live one! And it’s a ghost fish! Continue reading

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