The “Truth” About the Toy Industry, Reprise (Part Fourteen)

Chapter 14 – Where Do We Go From Here? I’m not gonna go through this paragraph by paragraph, as I did the other thirteen chapters. Because it’s mostly the same shit. However, there are a few more loony bits I’d like to share before we close Turmoil in the Toybox for good.

Phillips claims that, after the Lord spoke to him and he listened, he did not go right out and begin spouting that toys are “bad.” Instead, he “researched” the subject. “The more I researched, the more I saw the ‘tentacles’ tying to different subjects.” Cthulhu fhtagn.

Apparently, god gave man children so that he would feel a sense of responsibility. I thought it was to populate the Earth, but I’m a heathen.

Children conform to the peer group they are in. Therefore, you should ensure that your child’s peer group has similar values to your child. “It is OK to allow your children to play in the neighborhood. However, I would discourage my child from spending the night at someone’s house where the parents or guardians are not Christians.” Hmm. You DO realize how quickly that sentence could become even more dangerous, yes?

He gives parents a list of Twelve Forbidden Practices (oooohhhhhh) for them to peruse – with Bonus Bible Verses! – and then, armed with this knowledge, he encourages them to watch the programs the children are watching. “You will be appalled at what you see. You will be moved to seek the lord on behalf of our little ones.”

Phillips also tells parents to educate themselves about the New Age Movement, and Humanism, which is now infiltrating the public schools. Okay, I’ve gotta quote this whole thing, because it’s just too good not to do so:

Parents should know enough about the New Age Movement to understand that when their children come home and say they had to write a paper on ‘death,’ that this is a Humanistic way of values clarification. Schools should not be focusing on death, especially at the younger grade levels. Some schools even have sixth graders write their own wills and suicide notes. This is secular Humanistic education.

Suicide notes?? Where did he COME from, and why doesn’t he go away?

He doesn’t believe in evolution, either. Are we really surprised by this, though?

Remember, the battle is the lord’s. I say, then let him deal with it, and I’ll keep my She-Ra and Cabbage Patch Dolls.


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One response to “The “Truth” About the Toy Industry, Reprise (Part Fourteen)

  1. I didn’t get the suicide note assignment in elementary school, either.

    “The more I researched, the more I saw the ‘tentacles’ tying to different subjects.” No, those are the toys based on certain kinds of anime. Totally different toybox there.

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