The “Truth” About the Toy Industry, Reprise (Part Twelve)

Chapter 12 – From Silver Screen to Toy Box. Blockbuster movies with toy tie-ins do not escape Phillips’ wrath. He blames Star Wars for the extent that such licensing has gone, which, in his view, is too far (of course). And, admittedly, kids were (and are) bombarded constantly with adverts that appeal and persuade. And I don’t agree with some of their practices, either. However, I don’t think it’s the work of Satan.

Moreso than the brainwashing to buy, buy, buy, the movies themselves are not harmless. The toys, no matter how “cute and innocent” (our favorite phrase rears its head once again) they appear, should not be brought into a good Christian home. Even movies that are described as “good family entertainment” might not be so. But don’t worry, good ol’ Philly Boy is here to point the way through the landmines!

He asks the reader to think about this scene from a movie – a man and woman are deliberately crushed by a snowplow. A violent image for children, yes? So, why was the audience laughing? Because this act of aggression was perpetrated by the Gremlins in their very own movie. These creatures indulge in all sorts of “ungodly” behavior, but since it’s meant to be humorous, I guess we’re meant to think it’s okay, he whines.

Movies like Gremlins use “subtle deception” to work on a child’s subconscious. Don’t be fooled by Gizmo’s cuteness, for he’s really Satan in a furry disguise, spreading evil and occult thoughts to the minds of children. This is all it takes, parents – one movie, and he’s fated to go against all god’s teachings for life!

He talks about the ratings system (with the PG-13 category, which he says is “new;” I wasn’t aware that was around then) and how much “darker” movies have become in recent years. He quotes Jim Henson, who appears to agree with Phillips’ ideas about “family entertainment.” Phil does not deny that children’s movies, even prior to the time in which he was writing, had disturbing elements. However, the difference, he claims psychologists say (why does he keep quoting psychologists when he clearly doesn’t agree with anything they truly represent?) and he agrees, was in the way those stories are told. Disney films have a “moral order” to their world. Hmm, whatever.

Phillips claims that the amount of “G-rated” movies is not as high as it once was. Jim Henson believed it was because older people “feel embarrassed when they see a movie made just for children,” so now movie-makers are trying to make films that have elements for adults as well as for children. This escalates the violence, and, of course, presents other elements that go against the very fabric of Christianity (supposedly, as the Bible itself has no violence or barbarism in it, whatsoever).

These movies aid Satan in grabbing hold of today’s youth, infiltrating their hearts and minds, educating them in the wrong-headed idea that demons are friendly, helpful, and – dare we use the word? – cute. Each movie ticket you purchase for Star Wars, each ET toy you buy your child, is one more soldier drafted to Satan’s army. And he’s mobilizing, people, ready to wage war against the church!

First up, the Star Wars trilogy (remember those days, when there were only three movies?) These films have introduced many to pagan religion, this time, Zen Buddhism. Blah blah, Yoda, blah blah, the Force, something something something dark side, something something something complete. “What better god could fallen man desire than one that he can command and control at will?” Phillips asks rhetorically.

He admits that Yoda does warn Luke about the dark side of the Force. Anger, fear, aggression are all part of this, according to Yoda, and while Phillips admits that there are some similarities with the teachings of Jesus here, it also has elements of other religions, including Judaism. I love how “Christians” like Philly Boy here like to talk shit about Judaism. Um, your own fucking Bible that you claim to have read says that Jesus was Jewish. Without him, you’d have no Christianity. So, suck it, self-righteous idiot.

Apparently, Phillips doesn’t have the overwhelming minority on his side this time, as some feel that, at its heart, Star Wars (and its sequels) are about the classic struggle of good versus evil, not the occult. But-but, I can picture Phillips spluttering, Yoda tells Luke to rely on himself and use the power of his mind to do good. Oh, noes, Humanism! He doesn’t need god’s help. I’m reminded of the old Ben Franklin quote, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Darth Vader wears a mask that covers his face; this is similar to the portrayal of the Norse god, Odin. Remember, kids, mythology is evil, too!

Phillips asks, “Do we really want children to think that they can rely on their own powers to fight evil?” Unequivocally, yes!!

He also takes issue with The Ewoks and Droids Adventure Hour cartoon, spawned from the series of movies, but because of rock music this time (perhaps he’s realizing the “occult” theme is a deader-than-dead horse at this point? Wait). Stewart Copeland (of The Police) and Taj Mahal wrote the music for different halves of the show. He doesn’t really explain why this is bad, but “rock music” IS supposedly of the debbil, so perhaps that is why?

ET. Where to begin? The boys play Dungeons and Dragons! Elliot calls his brother “penis breath;” their mother just laughs! ET and Elliot levitate on Elliot’s bicycle! ET and Elliot are joined by a telepathic connection! ET dies, then resurrects himself and ascends back to his home planet (where he’s known as Kleeborp the retard)! This mirrors Jesus’ resurrection and ascension to Heaven! But, ET is not Jesus! ET is an alien! I will stop using so many exclamation points!

Children hide ET to keep him away from adults. This shows that “humans are inferior to aliens.” Um, no, what would the adults want to do to ET if they found him? He quotes again the passage about god making man in his own image, and says that in scripture, “there is no room for superior beings.” There are Christians who use this passage to deny the existence of dinosaurs, too; are you also one of these?

Finally this evening, Gremlins. Just like demons and should be avoided at all cost. Does this hold for the car, as well? It sure was ugly . . . *ahem* Want proof? Consider the Mogwai rules! Don’t get them wet – Jesus is the living water, so Satanic creatures know to stay away. Bright light will kill them – Jesus is the light of the world; good and truth will definitely annihilate creatures of darkness.

On the toy box, it reiterates the most important rule of all – never feed them after midnight. Well, this makes children think the toy is real, much like Cabbage Patch Kids. Plus, consider the nightmares such toys like Gremlins can induce for children!

To close, he writes, “Moviegoers constantly consume fantasies of a transcendent good that promises to save the world from destruction, and replaces order into chaotic lives.” Movies have always been a form of escapism. But then again, so is religion, And which, I ask you, faithful reader, has caused more harm over the generations?



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  1. Star Wars sequels? What Star Wars sequels? #Denial

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