The “Truth” About the Toy Industry, Reprise (Part Eleven)

Chapter 11 – The Mind Trap. The line between fantasy and reality can become blurred, especially when one stays in their head for too long. This has “proven” to be a really dangerous phenomenon, and Phillips can think of no better example than Dungeons and Dragons.

So, then he explains about role-playing games, and the Dungeon Master (who is “often seen as a god,” he says), and how the game is virtually limitless. The same game could go on for years. *gasp* He quotes from two psychologists who state that fantasies are healthy and relieve boredom, provided that the person is “well put together to begin with.” Of course, Phillips disagrees. Because any creative thoughts one has should be used to expand one’s relationship with god. However, he says that god is the one who gives man thoughts, so if he (Phillips) doesn’t adhere to the concept of free-will, then – I don’t even know; dude makes my head hurt.

We are aware that occult practices are what Phillips takes umbrage with, but psychotherapy is also bad. He describes psychotherapy as “mind alteration and values modification.” I would say that religion itself is “mind-altering,” and not necessarily in a good way.

D & D is also blasphemous for using “traditional Christian terms,” like fasting, atonement, deity, and prayer. Right, because all of these practices and words have only Christian definition. I’m pretty sure, somewhere in that cobwebbed and dingy brain of yours, you are aware that many other religions have fast days. And the Jewish calendar has Yom Kippur, which is a Day of ATONEMENT. Which I’m sure Jesus took part in, Christian moron, because he was JEWISH. Instant fail! Please go die in a fire, a non-purifying one. Thanks!

I love how he throws around phrases like “experts in the occult,” and then fails to name-check anyone. You know what this makes you, right? A liar. A dirty, feelthy liar. He references several pages from different D & D handbooks, and informs the reader that these are all practices forbidden by the Bible. Woe unto those of you who are Christian and play D & D, explaining it’s just fantasy, and you would never do such things in real life; for does not the Bible say, “Whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with already in his heart?” Therefore, fantasizing about necromancy is as bad as actually communing with the dead.

The nature of “occult” can be so mysterious and murky, one might not even realize that she is engaging in such practices. He quotes a former DM, who, he feel necessary to mention, now attends Christian Life Ministries. “I played D & D for three years, became interested in tarot cards and still did not realize that I was dealing with occult practices.” I’m sorry, unknown Christian brother, but you are a fucktard. You didn’t know tarot cards were occult? Gimme a break.

The fact that D & D consumes lots of time and certain people overidentify with their characters is another cause for concern, according to Phillips. I can’t argue with this information on its face; I have known people who become obsessed. However, you have to take these things on a case-by-case basis. Also, let’s not forget that some people just have addictive personalities, and if it wasn’t a LARP game, they would probably be addicted to something else.

Lastly, fantasy role-playing is “the first step towards subtly introducing [sic] the child to reject the religious training of church and home.” Because you play god over imaginary characters, which is Humanism, which is a belief system where man controls his own destiny, which rejects god, which is wrong-headed because everyone practices the same religion, don’t’cha know?

Life got ya down? Don’t turn to D & D; just think about dwelling in the house of the lord for ever! But, isn’t that, in itself, a fantasy?



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2 responses to “The “Truth” About the Toy Industry, Reprise (Part Eleven)

  1. MattG

    “The Mind Trap” sounds like a Star Trek episode title.

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