What a Young Boy Ought to Know, by Sylvanus Stall (Part Five)

Cylinder 11. And now we have Part III, wherein Sylvanus speaks to young Harry about the consequences of physical pollution. Seeking to be solitary is first, and then you become more and more like Satan and less and less like Jesus, as you lose your faith in the Almighty God and your palm gains the “upper hand,” in a manner of speaking.

Cylinder 12. More effects of masturbation are examined. We have seen all of these before: irritability, languor, nervous system damage, insanity, et cetera. Under means of preventing those who manhandle themselves, however, he mentions straitjackets. This is new! Did Dr. Howe fail to mention this to his medical students? Intriguing. And sad, of course.

Cylinder 13. Masturbation does not only affect your self, but also your parents. Think of all they have done for you throughout your young life! Nothing would bring them greater pain than to see you, heading down the road to solitary vice in a laggardly fashion. No more skipping for you, young man, oh no! You are in no condition to move at a brisk pace, now that you have been working up a foamy lather . . . Even your sister won’t be able to look you in the eye, or “crown and bless your manhood,” as Stall says, and if that doesn’t sound like a sexual thing, I don’t rightly know what does!


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