What a Young Boy Ought to Know, by Sylvanus Stall (Part Two)

Cylinder 2. The Creation of Plants, Animals, and Man, et cetera. Continuing from the last talk, Sylvanus talks about how God created animals and then he created man, yet again copying and pasting Bible verses. The thing that always makes me giggle is when the Bible talks about how God took a rib out of Adam whilst he was in a deep sleep, “and closed up the flesh instead thereof.” Boy, I’m sure glad you mentioned that detail! Would you have left a gaping hole there otherwise?

Dr. Stall tells “Harry” that this is a very beautiful account, and he is sure that he, Harry, would agree on this point. It reveals a part of God’s mind to us, in that he created a method by which all plants and animals and, subsequently, people, would “beget” others of their kind. And this is all perfectly natural, as no law of God’s would be impure, no, sir!

Basically, the creation of the first man and woman is not a story that should make one blush; therefore, how sex works should also not, as it is also natural and ordained by God. Well, masturbation is “natural,” too, right? Hold on, just might be getting ahead of myself . . . At any rate, all of this above thinking is pure and sacred, and if one does not agree, well, that is Satan wreaking his evil upon you.

He reminds us that in the story, God gave the power to each creature to reproduce more of its own kind. And this is tremendous, for if He had not done so, peaches might have grown on apple trees, or trees might have created fish and birds! Obviously, he had no knowledge of Gregor Mendel and his work with pea plants at this time, even though it had been published already by the time Stall’s book came out.

Wow, I am incredibly bored.


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