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The “Truth” about the Toy Industry (Turmoil, Part Six)

Chapter Six – The Electronic Parent
Children watch lots of TV, especially pre-schoolers, who make up “22 percent of the viewing audience, at any time of the day or night.” Does anyone else see something wrong with that sentence? (Hint: the word night shouldn’t be there). I tried to find some newer, real statistics, but the last studies referenced appear to be 1994. Appalling.

Television is insidious because the child learns whether or not the programming is educational. Books, of course, are better because kids have to use their imagination. What about stories that feature the occult? No information is given.

Television is also detrimental to young minds because they are unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality. His personal example is watching Lassie as a child; when Lassie ran into a burning barn and the show ended, he was sure Lassie was dead. His father convinced him that Lassie was fine by “calling” the program producers to make sure. This sounds like an apocryphal story, because he was two; most kids don’t remember that far back. But anyway.

Finally, TV is bad, mmmkay, because Christians are portrayed in a negative light, to which I say, boo-fucking-hoo.

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