The “Truth” about the Toy Industry (Turmoil, Part Five)

Chapter Five – Symbols of the Real World?
Toys have become a crutch for parents, something for a child to play with, but not as a family unit. “The parent who gets down on the floor to play with a child on Christmas is doing something that will be seldom repeated throughout the rest of the year,” he says. I suppose if there were “Christian” toys in the mix, everything is all better, for Jesus is the best babysitter there is!

He particularly seems to have it out for He-Man (or he’s a secret super-fan), as he lards his book with references to the show. In this chapter, he tells some personal anecdotes about children believing, horror of horrors, that He-Man is more powerful than Jesus. Well, Jesus doesn’t physically get into the fray and wrestle the evil ones, so that’s probably why kids are more inclined to believe He-Man.

In the end, toy sales are booming, which leads to more occult choices for your children. This makes harmful influences more readily available to corrupt their little minds. To be sure, there are Christian toys, but the heathens at Mattel and Hasbro always win.


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  1. I love your reviews! Very incisive and entertaining.

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