The “Truth” about the Toy Industry (Turmoil, Part Two)

Chapter Two – A Startling Discovery. Parents are ignorant of toys’ role – but he was, too . . . until the Lord pointed the way.

He discovers Skeletor (from He-Man and Masters of the Universe) in a mall toy store. Skeletor had a staff crowned with a ram’s head, an obvious “occult” symbol. (By “occult” please understand he means everything that does not embrace “Christian” tenets). Instead of passing it by or researching it in other ways, he buys the toy, thereby placing more money in the manufacturer’s pagan hands.

The bonus comic book astonishes him even further – it kind of parallels the book of Genesis, except that Satan created the world instead of God. This is complete and utter bullshit, by the way; you can see for yourself at The Good Old Days, which has all of the minicomics up to read online: He is dumbfounded that members of his Christian audience had purchased this toy for their children!

On the way back home, he’s hanging out with the Lord, and they start rappin’ about toys. The Lord tells Phil that children learn through imagination, and Satan is gaining control of their minds; Phil agrees, and God tells him that he has been chosen to do something about it. So Phil says, “Aw, shucks, thanks, Lord,” and buys more toys, and begins lecturing to the masses about the dangers of Dungeons and Dragons and suchlike filth. Other people begin to join his crusade, and he natters about the “miracles” that happen when his followers increase in number. A photographer volunteers his services to take pictures of the offending toys for slides that Phil can use in his lectures, but then unusual things start to happen to the camera equipment. The photographer calls his parents and they all pray about it, and miracle of miracles, the occurrences stop. Obviously the work of, could it be . . . SATAN?!

Children are too important to consider this ministry a joke, (which some thought it was, at first); the Bible says so! He even quotes some verses to prove it!

The chapter concludes with line drawings of two childrens’ heads with their brains exposed – the child with toys, television, sex, violence, and games on his mind has a fragmented view of the world; the child with love, peace, kindness, truth, and goodness on his mind has a cohesive view of the world. (I assume that’s what it’s supposed to mean; it’s a very crude drawing and has no explanation beside it). I suppose we’re expected to think that a child cannot have a combination of these thoughts and ideals at the same time.


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  1. Chalts

    Hey, just found your blog via Google Alerts! Looking forward to reading more about this SHOCKING expose.

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