And so, I return.

Even though I’m not entirely sure of my audience (STILL)  and whether they would care, I feel the need to explain my absence. In brief, ill health, my new job and reading too much – is there such a thing?

I find myself glad that I did not choose a blog name that would tie me to sex ed books and sex ed books only, as I feel my focus has shifted. Dr. Howe’s book was very difficult to slog through; it wasn’t fun anymore, as you can see by my not quite finishing the book. I only had twenty more pages to go, people, but I just. couldn’t. do it.

Please do not think that this means I shall abandon them completely – perhaps I will just pick and choose choice phrases and review them in entirety, letting you see them for yourselves, if you wish.

For now, however, a break. A speed-up to modern times. Which brings us to . . . Twilight?



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2 responses to “And so, I return.

  1. OOOO! Bring on the Twilight! I’m interested in your take on it.

  2. wellfedgirl

    Eheh heh heh. It should be up by this weekend 😀

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