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Twilight Sucks, or, Sometimes You Can Judge a Book by its Cover

Ah, the Twilight series.  “A love story with bite,” sayeth one review. A pair of star-crossed lovers for the new millennium. The young-adult world has not seen a book craze this outlandish since Harry Potter.

My friends began the craze, swapping the series at our monthly book club meetings. In trying to foist them on me, they’d say, “Oh, you’ll love Bella; you’d identify with her.”

“I’m not going to read those books. I have so many other things I’d rather read,” I said.

Then my co-workers, many of them older adults, began to succumb. This time, they cited the “powerful love story” and “exciting plot” as selling points, as well as one who is obsessed with “dreamy Edward.”

“I did all my vampire reading in high school,” was my reply. “You remember Anne Rice did it first, right?”

All of this to no avail. They were incredibly persistent, so much so that finally I threw up my hands and said, “All right, all right, I’ll read the first one.” I must admit, they had piqued my curiosity. Why are so many people obsessed with these books?

And so, I was lent a copy by a co-worker and I read it in less than a day. I’ve always been a very quick reader, which is lucky if I’m reading something particularly awful.

Twilight, dearest reader, is pretty awful.

Now, perhaps you have been slumbering peacefully under a boulder, co-existing in harmony with moles and the like, and haven’t a clue as to what I’m referring. Let me proceed by telling you the plot.
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And so, I return.

Even though I’m not entirely sure of my audience (STILL)  and whether they would care, I feel the need to explain my absence. In brief, ill health, my new job and reading too much – is there such a thing?

I find myself glad that I did not choose a blog name that would tie me to sex ed books and sex ed books only, as I feel my focus has shifted. Dr. Howe’s book was very difficult to slog through; it wasn’t fun anymore, as you can see by my not quite finishing the book. I only had twenty more pages to go, people, but I just. couldn’t. do it.

Please do not think that this means I shall abandon them completely – perhaps I will just pick and choose choice phrases and review them in entirety, letting you see them for yourselves, if you wish.

For now, however, a break. A speed-up to modern times. Which brings us to . . . Twilight?


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