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Excessive Venery, Masturbation, and Continence by William Howe – Chapter Five

Chapter V – Results of Sexual Excess and Mental Emotions. While sex in excess is bad, it is not as bad as masturbation, for sex is natural, and masturbation is not. This is when I start to think of a drinking game for this book. Every time the word “masturbation” or “onanism” is used, take a drink. You’ll be sloshed in no time! Even if the man expends his sexual energy in intercourse several times a week, ill effects will not be felt, for this is a natural and healthy thing to do, and the man will feel satisfied by his sexual congress, whereas the same amount of energy expended in masturbation is deleterious, for the act itself is degrading, and insulting to manhood. The masturbator knows this, and therefore, participates in the ill effects visited upon his person and his penis. Of course, if sex is making you feel like this, then you must stop doing it so much, for it clearly is too much for your person.

Apparently, in Acton’s view (that guy would thought all the boys at school are vastly immoral), conception can’t take place during the first few months of marriage, as the couple will be having sex more frequently, thereby lessening their chances. Some men have epileptic seizures at the point of orgasm; so does the rabbit. Napoleon I, also, suffered from a seizure every time he participated in sexual intercourse. This can result in death, and indeed, there are many cases of men who have died after copulation. Acton then cites a third guy, named Burmeister, about termites (!): after the hot season, the male and female termites come together and indulge in sexual congress; afterwards, the male immediately dies, but the female is impregnated with thousands of eggs.

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