Excessive Venery, Masturbation and Continence by William Howe – Chapter Four

>Chapter IV – Spermatorrhoea and Impotence. What is spermatorrhoea? Essentially, excessive ejaculation. Dr. Howe presents medical claims that back up this constant semen leakage as actual fact. Apparently, it was believed to help cause tuberculosis. Of course, modern science would tell you that nocturnal emissions, no matter how many you have, are normal, but back then, too much seminal fluid loss would prove positively enervating. Spermatorrhoea was also believed to cause derangement, and could be passed from the father to his children. What causes spermatorrhoea and impotence? You guessed it – masturbation. Also, sexual excess, “mental emotion,” nerve diseases, drugs, and diseases of the rectum, urethra, penis, or testicles.

“Masturbation is a universal vice in civilized countries.” Regardless of its status, many people of both sexes begin to indulge in early childhood. Among the savages, it’s rare, for they live amongst nature, and therefore are just like the animals, and can just fuck like bunnies, having no need for onanism. However, some animals have been found masturbating, such as dogs, cats, monkeys, and rats. However, this must be rare, as they have immense sexual outlet among their species. Obviously, a depraved human being must have taught these animals the Solitary Vice.

Children begin this filthy habit at a very early age. Supposedly, some have said they have noticed babies at the breast masturbating; these allegations must be taken with a grain of salt, as such strange movements were probably due to worms or some irritation of tender bits. However, Dr. H knows as a FACT that nurses will sometimes excite infant’s genital regions in order to keep them quiet. “Thus the seeds of a loathsome disease are often sown.” Yeah, on the part of the NURSE, not the child. As the child gets older, he or she remembers the pleasure of those infantile moments, and thus commences his or her own recreation of the events leading to that pleasure. From age 8 to age 16 is probably the time when they indulge most. At 16 or a little later, they are likely to be “scared straight,” by either reading something regarding its evils (such as his book, perhaps?), or friends will warn him or her, or perhaps the spectre of their own decay will cause them to cease.

Who is to blame for teaching the children? The aforementioned nurses, or their own peers. Parents must examine their children’s naughty bits from time to time, to ensure that they are not being manhandled. Boys will have their foreskins loosened, and girls will have really red labia. Something must be done about these horrid nurses, who encourage little children to play with themselves.

Even gymnastics can be blamed for sexual self-experimentation. He recounts a story told to him by a young man who discovered some sort of swinging pole in the gym, by which one hangs by the hands and swings around it. Apparently his naughty bits began to be stimulated by just barely touching the pole, and subsequent touchings caused an orgasm. Therefore, he became a chronic masturbator, and it’s all because of gym! Which is why such activities should not be allowed by boys under eighteen. Where one works is also liable to have an effect on whether you introduce rosy palm and her five daughters; working in a store or a factory, where you will not be able to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine, is sure to make you into a masturbator. No one pumps his fist over his penis in broad daylight, in the elements!

While masturbation is bad for both sexes, it is less so for females. Also, girls can hide it better, presumably because men would just write off any excited tendencies as some nervous “woman’s complaint.” There is no telling mark, necessarily, at least at first; however, if one has been playing with their organ for most of their life, you will notice the ravages in their face, and their sunken eyes, which refuse to meant yours. Uneducated people might think that there are no ill effects from masturbation, but they would be wrong, for it makes its mark on the genitals.

The penis will be thinner and smaller “than usual.” But, how would one know what the “usual” is, unless they’ve made examination of that particular penis before? It will be elongated and cold to the touch at various points. The “head” will be much bigger than the rest of the organ, due to frequent handling. In many patients, their penis has been bent from their exertions; this happens if you start messing with yourself before puberty. The scrotum hangs lower than it should, and as mentioned earlier, the testicles will be soft. Even the urethra and prostate do not remain unchanged; they become swollen and leak fluids.

In women, as stated before, the labial lips become distended, as does the clitoris. The Bartholin glands, which produce the secretions, will also be enlarged, and upon a physical examination with one’s hand, it will increase the secretions and expand the clitoris. To this, I say, NO SHIT.

Even though the doctor mentioned that for most people, the mark of masturbation will not necessarily show in their face, one can see in other organs of the body the practice of vice. For example, the veins on the top of the feet and hands are enlarged or dilated overmuch. He allows that sometimes this happens in those with thin skin, particularly the elderly; however, when it occurs in young people, it’s because of masturbation. Other signs? Moist, clammy hands; stooped shoulders; sitting with one’s hands in-between one’s thighs; flabby muscles; sallow, pale skin; and emaciation. Even acne could be a warning sign, but that could be an independent problem.

Chronic masturbators also suffer from a coated tongue and constipation. The latter is due to lack of muscle tone in the bowels. Vertigo, sleeplessness and dementia must also be considered. Well, that pretty much covers everyone. You are all sinful, sinful people.



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2 responses to “Excessive Venery, Masturbation and Continence by William Howe – Chapter Four

  1. A guy

    well fuck me, i got some of those symptoms, time to stop fapping.

  2. Dr Neil Raymond

    It is not true.

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