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Excessive Venery, Masturbation and Continence by William Howe – Chapter Four

>Chapter IV – Spermatorrhoea and Impotence. What is spermatorrhoea? Essentially, excessive ejaculation. Dr. Howe presents medical claims that back up this constant semen leakage as actual fact. Apparently, it was believed to help cause tuberculosis. Of course, modern science would tell you that nocturnal emissions, no matter how many you have, are normal, but back then, too much seminal fluid loss would prove positively enervating. Spermatorrhoea was also believed to cause derangement, and could be passed from the father to his children. What causes spermatorrhoea and impotence? You guessed it – masturbation. Also, sexual excess, “mental emotion,” nerve diseases, drugs, and diseases of the rectum, urethra, penis, or testicles.

“Masturbation is a universal vice in civilized countries.” Regardless of its status, many people of both sexes begin to indulge in early childhood. Among the savages, it’s rare, for they live amongst nature, and therefore are just like the animals, and can just fuck like bunnies, having no need for onanism. However, some animals have been found masturbating, such as dogs, cats, monkeys, and rats. However, this must be rare, as they have immense sexual outlet among their species. Obviously, a depraved human being must have taught these animals the Solitary Vice.

Children begin this filthy habit at a very early age. Supposedly, some have said they have noticed babies at the breast masturbating; these allegations must be taken with a grain of salt, as such strange movements were probably due to worms or some irritation of tender bits. However, Dr. H knows as a FACT that nurses will sometimes excite infant’s genital regions in order to keep them quiet. “Thus the seeds of a loathsome disease are often sown.” Yeah, on the part of the NURSE, not the child. As the child gets older, he or she remembers the pleasure of those infantile moments, and thus commences his or her own recreation of the events leading to that pleasure. From age 8 to age 16 is probably the time when they indulge most. At 16 or a little later, they are likely to be “scared straight,” by either reading something regarding its evils (such as his book, perhaps?), or friends will warn him or her, or perhaps the spectre of their own decay will cause them to cease.

Who is to blame for teaching the children? The aforementioned nurses, or their own peers. Parents must examine their children’s naughty bits from time to time, to ensure that they are not being manhandled. Boys will have their foreskins loosened, and girls will have really red labia. Something must be done about these horrid nurses, who encourage little children to play with themselves.
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Excessive Venery, Masturbation, and Continence by William Howe – Chapter Three

Chapter III – The Seminal Fluid and the Mechanism of Erection. Exactly that is discussed. Nocturnal emissions are normal, to a point. If you’re having them more than once a week, that means the organ is too relaxed, presumably because you masturbate or have sex too much. He allows that women also can have these sorts of “wet dreams;” however, unless it’s during sex, any orgasmic event a woman has is unhealthy.

Sometimes, men are secreting other fluids that they are led to believe are seminal fluid. Why does this happen? The magic word: masturbation. If mucus is coming from the urethra, it means you’ve been having too much sex under the influence of alcohol.

From here, the doctor moves on to the nerve centers of the body that control the erections. He talks at length about the cerebellum, and what happens when it’s removed. If there are tumors or blood clots in it, it causes nymphomania. The size of the cerebellum does not correlate with the size of one’s sexual appetite, however.

To conclude the chapter, he compares blushing to erection. A rush of blood to the “head,” indeed.

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