What a Young Girl Ought to Know, by Mary Wood-Allen, Part Seven



Twilight Talk XI. State of mind affects the body. Mother talked to a gentleman who has made a study of this phenomenon. By having the subject blow into a glass tube, he can discover what the person’s mental status is. Yeeah. So, think only beautiful thoughts! Particularly since, as a young person, you are molding how your face will look when you are old. If you’re thinking bad thoughts, just press them down and keep smiling until you actually feel it. This is to teach you to slowly deaden yourself within, so that as an adult, you will already be numb and cold and not feel anything.



Twilight Talk XII. On encouraging people-watching. Body language. Evil has its genesis in bad posture. Standing on one leg will cause your FACE to become misshapen. Sit straightly at all times, lest your womb become contorted and you have smushed organs.



Twilight Talk XIII. Being able to work for a living is preferable to being a lazy rich sloth. That’s why there aren’t any lazy poor people, right? That’s why little girls must learn all the household chores and do them well, for that is the essence of woman. Oh, you want to learn to use tools as well? That’s okay, to a point; but you must also learn all the other things that you may not want to do, because you ARE going to be a homemaker, and “there is no more beautiful or noble work than this.”



As Mr. Ruskin, whoever the hell he is, says, true women remain in the home. Home is the essence of woman, no matter where she goes. How delightfully dull.



Play time is fine as well, but pick your amusements correctly. Dancing on into the night is dissipation. So is drinking all night in the saloons; why, a young boy who thought he was having a good time doing such a thing died after two weeks with the D.T.s. No matter what wholesome amusement you decide upon, always remember to indulge in it while wearing a proper dress.



Twilight Talk XIV. Okay, here’s a chapter I can get behind: on books and reading. The company of a good book can be the best company there is. But how can you tell if a book is good for one to read? Well, if it’s making you “think less nobly of yourself” you should cease reading it immediately, as it’s not good for you to read. It doesn’t matter if others are reading it; fight the peer pressure and be yourself! Robbers and thieves and pirates are not worth troubling over; any book that contains them is crowding your mind with bad mental pictures, and it is better to just abstain from them.



Twilight Talk XV. Mothers need education, too. If you don’t take the opportunity to go to school, you should be ashamed of yourself, and your children should be ashamed of you, too. Learn all you can for the betterment of your children. This extends to animals, too; Mother knows a cat that can open doors.


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